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  1. Thank you for all your replies and for the personal one - I will try and call again today many thanks Mrs. P
  2. Been trying to contact them to try and help us make a decision on buying a scope but rang 3 times left messages, no response. Does anyone know whether the company still exists????
  3. I think i have decided to let my O/H choose his own but want a present for him to unwrap on his birthday. If i buy a Revelation Photo Visual Eyepiece Kit does it fit any telescope? thanks
  4. Hi i am new to this forum and looking to buy my o/h a scope for his 50th. He has good knowledge of stars and planets but has never owned a scope. I have done a bit of research and been told the skymax is good - can anyone give me some advice I really want to surprise him but feel i may end up giving him a voucher to get his own. My budget is £500 thanks
  5. It is my O/H 50th birthday next week and i want to surprise him by buying a telescope. He has always had an interest in star gazing and is very good with planet and stars but i don't know where to start. I have read a bit and see that a skywatcher skymax is a good first starter scope, thoughts please? I know i should probably just get him a voucher and let him choose one himself but i would like to surprise him. Could anyone give advice on what to buy with a budget of about £400..... many thanks
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