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  1. Hi all. I do not know if this is the right place to ask such a question so if not, please accept my apologies. I have a 130/650 Newt. What would be the limiting magnitude of this scope under Bortle 7.25 (I know there is no such a thing but my skies are not 7 or 8 but somewhere in between closer to the 7, probably). I have checked some websites where you enter the specs of the instrument you have and they mention something like mag. 11. Somewhere here I have red a very good article about the limiting magnitude with a formula and according to it it gives again around 11. For my binos (SkyMa
  2. Hi all, I was considering to change my current mount to SS IV GoTo one. I will put on it a Bresser 130/650 Newt and I am going visual with some occasional smartphone photos from a highly light-polluted city. What do you think about this combination? Thank you in advance. Cheers, Bobby
  3. Hi all, I have an EQ3 Mount and I am trying to polar align it. While reading the instructions everywhere, at a certain moment the declination axis has to be set to +90° which would give the OTA to be pefectly aligned with the polar axis. However, if the OTA is aligned with the Polar axis of the mount, the declination circle reads 30.50° which is pretty far from the +90°. I know the setting circles do not work for locating the objects on the sky but just wanted to use them to get me into the vicinity of the objects. Can you tell me what am I doing wrongly while aligning my scop
  4. Thanks a lot. I do enjoy your monthly newsletter and I guess I will be using it even more now with the new binos Definitely will go for the Olympus because it is discounted to 66 euros but I guess I will be waiting for the Black Friday - maybe a better price would pop up
  5. Thank you both of you. Indeed, my budget is not that big (around 100 euros) and as the main goal is the better portability I guess I will stuck with the 10x50 for occasional star gazing everywhere and using my telescope for more serious from my highly light polluted city
  6. Dear all, I am considering to buy a pair of binoculars on top of my telescope Bresser 130/650 for serious DSO observing at home. I want to have an observing tool always wherever I go for holidays or dark sites - just to put them in the back pack and that's all. If needed, I have already a tripod or maybe I can buy a monopod if needed. I have been reading a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of the different size of the binos and I stopped at several models. Olympus 10x50 DPS-1, FOV 6.5 degrees Bresser Hunter 8-24x50, FOV 4.4 to 3.7 degrees National Geographic 10 x 5
  7. Hi Stephan. Indeed I have already read the article. The main idea is that I have to choose a Christmas gift from my parents so I cannot think about anything else but some eyepieces and filters. It is not said to start using them straight away But according to indeed that pinned post the Starter kit should do it perfectly at a certain moment. I have not assembled and opened all of the boxes yet so for the moment cannot say which eyepieces were delivered with the scope and not sure if there are any. Tomorrow I will have a better idea. Richochet, thank you for the clarification. After
  8. WOW!!! It is a HUUUGE telescope! I knew it would be like 1.70m. but never imagined 1.70m. would be THAT big Now I have to assemble it but that would be funny I hope However, I am considering to buy kind of a "starter kit" - Barlow lens, filters, and 20mm and 7.5mm Sirius Plossl eyepieces. However, I am looking on the brands and I found a good kit of Orion as well as of a brand called Omegon. Is the Omegon a good brand for such kind of accessories? I guess the Orion would be better but is the Omegon that worse?
  9. After all, I decided to go with the Orion Dob XT8. The delivery from FLO was way too much so the final price of the SkyWatcher would be something like 400 euros. Now waiting for my telescope
  10. Wow, that is a really good deal. Okay, it exceeds my budget but according tot he ECB rates, it will be with just 20 euros which is acceptable. However, I have contacted the FLO office to tell me what is the delivery cost but that telescope really looks like a good deal. Thanks JOC.
  11. Hi Ronin. Yes, I will buy the XT6 one after all. Most likely tomorrow I will order it. FLO does have delivery to Belgium. I am not aware of what Starguider is and does but I will check it. I guess a better eyepiece for sharper view. Yes, indeed Brussels is pretty light polluted. I do not live in the outskirts but I do not live in the city centre either. I cannot say the neighbourhood is not light polluted but it is not that bad. We have plenty of green places which would relieve the pollution a bit I hope. I guess I will be able to see the brightest objects and maybe a bit dimmer on
  12. Actually, I am not planning to travel with the telescope. Just for "home use". If travel is needed, maybe I can bye a pair of good binoculars but not certain yet. But thanks anyway. Very useful opinions so I have got a good view on the telescopes. I will take into account all advises.
  13. Thanks Geoff. I am not aware about Belgium but I have always been using eBay. However, if FLO and Astroshop are reliable cannot see any problem to order from there too. There are even Black Friday deals so have to chose between the XT6 and Heritage 130P. The f/ is 5 with the Heritage and the XT is 8 but I guess I can always buy an additional lens. Will be there a big difference in the field of view between them?
  14. Thanks, Geoff. You really made me think about it. The price is really lucrative. Is this website (astroshop.eu) reliable about making an online purchase?
  15. Thank you very much all. It is appreciated. Apparently I will put aside the AP for the moment. I am afraid the 200mm aperture would be way over my budget. I do realise that the bigger the aperture, the better. However, I hope an aperture of 150mm. would do a good job too Geoff, thanks a lot. However, aren't the Orions with better quality of the lenses?
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