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  1. I have two oe Skywatcher supplied ep's the rest are svbony 66 degree ultrawide angle ep's
  2. Let us know how you get on with that conversion. I am waiting for a good clear night as I now live in a very light free location with a good view of the sky. Approx 180 degrees from east to west and 90degrees up, alas nothing of the northern sky due to an oak tree lol Also just added the Skywatcher WiFi adapter as it's so much easier to align the goto set up with the app.
  3. I have a 9mm so that should be X166 magnification as my focal length is 1500 if my calculations are correct ?
  4. Hi all, Got myself a Skywatcher 127 Mak last year but with one thing and another I haven't really used it in anger. Question is what's the highest usable eye piece I could used with this scope? Here's what I have, 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 15mm 20mm and a 25mm. I also have a 2x Barlow. Just been doing some finder scope/main scope alignment on distant daylight objects and the 6mm is quite a dark image? Is this to powerful for my scope due to not getting enough light in the primary lense ?
  5. Don't know if anyone else uses these but it's a red cycle light from decathlon, couple of quid I think. Great for a little night light to see your eye pieces in the tray.
  6. Search over, just purchased one on eBay £40 delivered.
  7. Hi there, and welcome Loved my time in West Sussex back in the 80's.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with using there phone for astro photography? Came across a couple of apps which may be of use. Deep sky camera app Spiral cam 2 Both use multiple images used to stack, the latter seems to be able to stack the images but the first one requires a pc based program like registax or something similar. Forgive me if this a load of rubbish as I know nothing of astro photography lol Just after your thoughts.
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