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  1. I just sent them an email. Hopefully they haven’t sold it yet... I have someone who can pick it up for me! I had looked there... An hour or so before they posted it, darn! Thank you!
  2. Thank you! So here is where I presently sit: I have read quite a bit on the subject, and it seems that with a reflector telescope, the difference between 114 and 130mm is the "Haha!" factor we usually seek. Also, I researched the 2nd-hand Sky-Watcher some more: it is a reflector as well (paraboloidal Newtonian reflector). I also found the Meade Lightbridge 130mm at a not-so-bad price (still breaking the bank though and customs will hit me with fees). So how big of a leap is it between these two: 1. Meade Lightbridge Mini 130mm (CA$225 + customs) Dobsonian reflector 2. Sky-Watche
  3. Oh! Nice! How would you say it compares to the Meade Lightbridge 114? Would you think it is pretty straightforward to operate for complete newbies?
  4. Wow, I feel so blessed to have had so many great replies already! Thank you! @bobro, my son probably expects to see much more than clear views of the moon’s craters. The little guy knows more about neutron stars, pulsars and the planets than the average adult. Still, my budget is very limited.@R26 oldtimer, you had me rethink my perspective, and I would be able to upgrade a year from now. @Cornelius Varley: Thank you for your input, I will drop Celestron altogether in my price range. @Peter Drew, @happy-kat And @Philip R: I have looked into a less-complicated tabletop ver
  5. Hi everyone! I am looking for a good beginner’s telescope that we could enjoy for years to come. My 10-year old son has wanted a telescope forever and is constantly reading up on the sky in encyclopaedias. For my tight single-mom budget, I have found two options that seem appealing (I am enclined to go with a Dobsonian over a refractor, following comments on better image clarity): 1. Skywatcher 130mm/f650 with EQ mount (2nd hand for CA$125) including 25 wide angle, 10mm and 3.6mm. 2. Celestron PowerSeeker 127 EQ (new for CA$200 including taxes) including 20mm, 4mm and 3x B
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