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  1. Good morning all, So the telescope has arrived and it all seems to work apart from the fact that since Monday it's been cloudy. I'm sure that I saw a cloud coverage website, for the UK, but I can't find it for love nor money now. Have I imagined this? Michael.
  2. Thanks guys, nice to have people say use what you have rather than buy x, y and z immediately. I completely agree with you Alan about the power pack. That'll be the first thing that I get.
  3. Good afternoon, Having just bought my first telescope (delivery tomorrow) and only the telescope what advice would people suggest for upgrades or perhaps what order would people suggest? Diagonals then EP's or EP's then diagonals, powerpacks, dew shields, etc? This is more a hypothetical question at the moment as I want to get used to the telescope before plowing monies in on gear that I don't really know anything about. Thanks Michael.
  4. I decided to follow FirstLightOptics advice over a telescope and it'll arrive tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who commented, it was a great help. I'll no doubt be back in touch with recommendations over eyepieces next
  5. I contact FLO and they suggested a Celestron SLT 127. Ultimately I will just have to chose one, like some previous posters have said it’ll be my first scope and I’ll love it as I’ll be doing something that I want to do. Visuals or AP I guess it doesn’t really matter.
  6. Hi Tim. Im not sure that I could resist putting the camera in the telescope. It’s served me well for landscapes so perhaps it’ll do well for me in the sky. I think that the 8” don might be too big for me guess it depends on the weight in the end though.
  7. Thanks London_David. Are any of these telescope cameras Mac OS? I have a Sony 7r which could be connected to a telescope via T mounts.
  8. I've not made a final decision yet, but the more options that are thrown my way do muddy the waters. It's difficult as there are so many options and people will always have differing views and all as equally valid as the others. I looked at the 8" Dob (learning the lingo) are my first question is how portable would it be? My back garden isn't suited as the are high fences, lots of trees and it's very small. Thanks for the tip on tellurium Dave, I'll be sure to have a look at that. I did download the SkyPortal app which is quite clever.
  9. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. I think that I'll just start enjoying the sky then the photography will come later one. I've decided to lower my budget and have been tempted with the Celestron Nexstar 4SE, seems a good mix of portability and cost.
  10. Thanks, I'll have a look at those websites and the book, better find my reading glasses by the sound of it.
  11. Hi everyone, So come on hit with which telescope to buy, I jest. From some of the other posts some information would be useful. I'm based in Dorset, UK and am a beginner. I would ideally like to be able to achieve some astrophotography too or at least to be able to do some astrophotography in the near future. My budget would be up to say £700 I guess at a push and looking at the web you're promised the Earth and a world of expectations but I'm guessing most of that would be advertising speak. Thanks for looking, Michael.
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