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  1. That's a great image.. So rewarding after a nights work....... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Very nice image.! What iso was you using for this.? Andrew
  3. Hi Gina I found a video today on YouTube which helped me no end. Thanks again
  4. Hi all. If you've just started imagining like me and have no idea about Photoshop but have it and don't know where to start processing your stacked images, check this link out. http://youtu.be/BBQQ_Gs6YHM Hope it helps.? Its helped me.....
  5. Thanks Gina I'm looking around for imagine processing technics with photoshop so if you or anyone can point me in the right direct that would be great.! Thanks again.
  6. Did a little touching up in PS but this is also new to me so sorry if I've over done it.
  7. Thanks all.. I have stacked them but I didn't do any basis, darks etc... These where just light frames. As mention I think I will try again and do a mix of short frames too, with darks etc. The guiding was spot on last night for some reason.? Did the same as I do always but last night just seemed perfect. I need to get a dew shield for both scope and guider for longer nights. I'm so impressed with myself to get this picture as I thought it was going to be a real hard target. Nice to get your teeth into something eh.? Look forward to more..
  8. Hi Stuart I'm sure Bernard from Modern Astronomy does one... I'm sure of it. I recently purchased a 9x50 finder with a QHY5 camera with the option of putting EPs in, I didn't go this route and had a straight camera connection. http://www.modernastronomy.com/accessories.html#accAdapters What your looking could be on this page.? If not give Bernard a ring he's very helpfully.
  9. Hi all I've just captured my first ever photo of the Orion Nebular.! Well part of it anyway, not sure what part but I have a bit... I'm so happy I've captured it. I managed 8 x 240 mins at ISO1600 before I had to pack for night. If I had know the 8 that I got would have turned out the way they did I would have let it run longer... Oh we'll there's always a next time. Thanks for any comments... Good or bad..
  10. Thanks all for your input. It seems by daves tests with the 3 LP filters that really you do only get what you pay for regardless wether they loose their value secondhand or not.
  11. Thanks Paul & Keith for your opinions and views. I looked at one filter on the cheaper side " 2"Skywatcher " and in the advert it said that this was only recommended for use in scopes up to 114mm. Would this be the case for all 2" Filters.? I'm wanting to use one in Astro work and i really don't mind spending the pennies if needed.
  12. Hi all I need a 2" light pollution filter and I'm not sure which one to get... I know I could get cheap to very expensive and I know the old saying you only get what you pay for but is this true on these filters.? Or does one filter best suite a certain setup.? I'd love to hear both sides of the story to help make my purchase... Thanks all in advance.
  13. I find Friday nights are always best for me... Very clear sky's. unfortunately Friday nights is always around the in laws... And I've just found out what the difference is between in laws and out laws.... Out laws are wanted.!
  14. You need DSS 3.3.3 beta 47 which can be found here http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/DeepSkyStacker/ Andy
  15. Hi Chris The problem your having with DSS showing you just a rectangular image is down to your not using the latest version of DSS.
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