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  1. actually its slightly better than the one I previously found this one is only 230 miles away the other one was 320.
  2. why do 2 scopes come up for sale this week either would be great as a first scope for my son.... both sellers over 300 miles from me
  3. Only 362 miles for me lol really interested in the scope if you still have it. Message me and we can maybe arrange something. thanks, Z
  4. hey welcome to SGL I'm also new to this and my knowledge is limited to say the least but they guys and gals here are awesome and no doubt will get you an answer in no time at all .
  5. This was my second outing with the hired dob ( still have another week of hire ) but the first where the wife has joined us thanks to my sons unrelenting nagging, as many of you know by now from previous post I've made my wife has had a few reservations I believe after last nights session they have changed. We went to a nature reserve and set up in the car park no man made light so made for a perfect choice once the dob was set up and had a good image of the moon in the eye piece my son took over the dob and spent a good 15 minutes looking in amazement at the moon only calling occasionally to
  6. Sounds like a great evening we went also went out last night for the second time but first time as a family ( wife can be stubborn ) was a great evening and also plan to put up a mini report of how it went overall was a major success I feel.
  7. That's around 50 minutes drive from where I live i'll have to speak to the wife as that's my birthday weekend not sure if we're going away if not then you might see me turn up I'm sure i'll stick out like a sore thumb
  8. we hired a skywatcher 200p dob and I loved it the wife however has said its too big, not too sure I asked around yesterday in another post and got several other options I'm now looking into.
  9. I've been using clear outside it's pretty accurate but like any form of weather report in this country I'd take it with a pinch of salt and just peer out the window.
  10. This was the bright star I could see, not a great pic being it was taken with my phone that being said you people who know what you're looking at will probably tell me that's not even a star.
  11. @Ricochet thanks for the stellarium pic there and I'd know tend to agree im pretty sure this is what I saw this morning looks very similar with the big dipper and a brighter star to the east, really has me intrigued for more clear nights I'm out this evening and wont be back until around 23.00 so fingers crossed I can venture straight out when I get home.
  12. Thanks for all the input no doubt i'll be walking the dog again tomorrow around this time so will definitely have a better look for it and hopefully get better recordings of what I saw. Either way I appreciate the help no doubt eventually i'll find out exactly what I was looking at.
  13. star finding.docx - sorry not sure how to do it every time I've tried I get that
  14. Thanks, I assumed I was looking at the wrong thing it was the whole confusion in my mind being 4am does that but will try and re load the picture again.
  15. Sorry not sure how to add the picture as picture format
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