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  1. He owned the Tak. TSC225 I now have......is he about ? Would like to talk
  2. Well, it aint gnna work..decided on a camper van and box/unbox gear as and when
  3. Has anyone any thoughts on conversion of a trailer horse box to an observatory: any, ideas, knowledge or experience.
  4. Thank you one and all, yes my first scope but aged 8 was given a book, full of images of the cosmos.... fast forward 49 years... , if you are going to dive in then the deep end would seem to be the sensible choice , at least you avoid concussion... Price? if you want to know then send private .message.....life is short:you only figure that out when most of it has gone.rage,....do not go gentle into the good night.... rage against the dying of the light ....
  5. Hi bought a Tak TSC225,,,,,no diagonal eyepieces mount nor idea...need advice and sources to fit, and figure it out...I have the manual and for once I am going to read it.mmm......thank you
  6. what is the least you need to take webcam images of moon?............. given webcam witn adaptor/PC /astrocapture/registax/10"Newt/eq6...... do you need tracking? How do you set up webcam? hmmm..
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