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  1. Thank you both for your advice. I should have said that I only have the Orion Skyseeker 100 and a Meade ETX 70AT (gifted) with a bunch of 1.25 eyepieces including one zoom StarGuider 7-21mm. Should be getting the Celestron nexstar 130slt soon and now I believe that I'll go for a 2" in the 32-40mm range. Should be an interesting change.
  2. I'm getting a nexstarn130slt. I've a bunch of 1.25 mm eyepieces, but it will also use a 2" eyepiece. My question is should I get the 2" 35mm eyepiece or stay with 1.25"?
  3. Thanks Richchet, that I hadn't thought of. Of course the weight would probable upset the dynamics of the scope. Do you think that if I mounted it back against the "bowling ball" portion one would work without causing too much effect?
  4. Hello, I just purchased a Bushnell Voyager (the one that looks like the old Astroscan) It is in pretty much perfect condition. The seller said that looking thru it was worse than just looking up. That was because the eyepiece was a Plossl 4mm. I (shame on me) gave him the $30.00 and said that I'd give it a try. Using my Orion 20mm eyepiece, the supermoon was fantastic!! My question is do you think that I can improve its use by adding a right angle finderscope, and if so, any advise on one to get. On a budget, sooo, cheaper the better, but not that cheap. Thanks, Rich in El Pa
  5. I'd like to thank all of you for your input. I believe that I'll take the advice of doing a bunch of observing before deciding if a filter is really needed in my case. Thanks again and clear skies to everyone, MrDusty Richard Hayden
  6. Which would be better, a 13% or 18% transparency moon filter? It is for an Orion Funscope 100mm or Meade Etx-60At Thanks
  7. Nope on the smoking, grinding the mirror took care of that, been smoke free (except for what comes from my ears sometimes) for 45 years or so. Usually in West Texas we have pretty clear skies, but lately we've had a lot of clouds. It seems that if there is a storm that hits Baja, or from the Gulf down around Houston or south, we end up with a few inches of rain and 3-4 days of clouds. Luckly, my house sits a little above others in our subdivision and the eastern half of the sky is pretty dark.
  8. Forty years ago, I tried to stop smoking. My method was to hand grind an 8" mirror and have a fellow scope maker guide me and help me mount it and get all the components in the correct location. I used the scope for about three years before kids got in the way with their stuff-soccer (football) band...blah. Sold the scope to science teacher who used it for two years before dumping it over the side of his pick-up during a pre-tailgating type party. Just found my old Edmund Scientific 4" telescope kit in garage and am reworking it. All it came with was the mirror, secondary, slide
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