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  1. Thanks for the replies, the 2" viewmate I described is a 2 x Telextender, copy of a powermate I think as it has 4 elements but weights 630g! Do 2" eyepieces make any difference in this style of scope, or is it better to focus on higher end 1.25", my eyesight is definitely suffering as I get older and those basic plossls are hard work when you get below 10mm so I'd like something that makes viewing comfortable. I'll have a look at the BST starguiders, not seen them before and they look reasonably priced. I'm going to continue with the mount for the time being, it may get frustrating I know but I think I'll limit myself to shorter exposures to begin with and see what I can get. I like the sound of the new iOptron CEM40 as the cables already drive me crazy so I might wait for this to be released. Thanks KP82, first test image looks so much better than that beast I was using before......
  2. Thanks for the reply Francis, I see you've got the big brother, what guide scope / finder do you recommend. I think I will try and nail the basics first visually, the more I read about imaging the deeper my pockets need to be it seems. I've got short arms that don't reach deep pockets if you get my meaning.
  3. Hi New to the forum and just bought my first decent telescope, I'm hoping to get the astrophotography bug too but my sanity is already being tested with the choices and decisions required. I've got a caravan in mid wales so luckily I'm not confined to the Manchester sky glow ! Steve
  4. Hi Folks New to the forum and looks like there are lots of experienced people who will hopefully advise me what to get to compliment my new scope, I bought it second hand but looks like new so I'm happy so far.... It doesn't come with any accessories but luckily I've got a few bits I picked up for another scope, so far I've got a 2" dielectric diagonal which seems OK, a 1.25" Celestron eyepiece kit (maybe not so good) and a 2 x viewmate Barlow (WOW it's heavy) which looks OK. It's currently sat on a Bresser EXOS 2 mount which seems sturdy enough if a little flaky in operation. I'd like to get into some imaging eventually (got a canon 600D) so I don't want to waste money (again) on anything sub standard, what do you guys recommend as a complimentary finder, the Altair 10x60 one looks good but expensive. I'm confused by the descriptions of these too as some say suitable for this or that size OTA so I don't know if 10x60 is suitable or 10x50 will be OK. I'd like to add a guide camera too so I'm looking for one that can serve both purposes if anybody has any suggestions. What eyepieces do you recommend for visual work, I like the idea of the Celestron 2"/1.25" wide field ones but again not sure if they are worth the extra money. Luckily I have a caravan in mid-wales so I hope I can get the best out of it eventually. Thanks for any advice you can give, I'm pretty quick to learn but this hobby can get confusing very quick when you read lots...….
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