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  1. Hello folks, **NEWBIE ALERT** I ws wondering if anyone would like to offer some advice on what would be a good telescope for an 8th birthday. My daughter has been asking for one but I am wary that it may end up gathering dust so not looking to spend a lot of money - at least not initially. The plan would be to use the telescope either in the back garden or from her room - which as a window tht can fully open. I have done the inevitable googling and this seemed to have decent reviews: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-astromaster-series/celestron-cometron-firstscope-76mm-telescope.html My feeling is that it we enjoyed it we could always upgrade at some point in the future. I was about to purchase when I saw an article about how binoculars might be a good alternative. Although it looks to me that to get a anything approaching the view that a telescope gives the binoculars would be too unwieldy for an 8 year old to manage. Are a more manageable pair of binoculars a good companion to a telescope or could I just start with the binoculars. She (and I) are very excited about this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Angus
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