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  1. Oh dear, just when you think it is safe to stick your head over the parapet.... The only thing that saved me from more TV was the fact FLO did not stock it. Think I might hold fire on the Ethos 21 until it goes back to their regular proce of £0 however lol. The TV85 is still my favourite scope, it is just so easy to use and the views are fantastic
  2. Well it arrived yesterday and as you all predicted it looks like Weds before we get clear skies here lol. Did set it up on a photo tripod to dial in the finder and change the back etc. which was all good fun of course. Cannot for the life of me get the TS binoviewers to focus regardless of which diagonal or visual back I use but I will play some more. Happy scoping all Simon
  3. Back on topic though n having really thought about it I would buy a SW120ED and a SW 300 flextube dob. Serms like a great do it all without breaking the bank for visual
  4. I wish DHL would deliver mine so I could join this ghetto lol. Reality says we are blessed with the rise of quality Chinese optics. Just remember that without the precursors produced by Televue/Tak et al we would still be looking through horrible gear at top end prices.... exactly what turned me away from this hobby 30 years ago thankyou Meade Newtonian lol
  5. I think its well worth buying Skywatcher etc until you really work out where your interests lie. Spend the big bucks later on your true love lol. Simon
  6. As above really, the further you vanish down the rabbit hole.... I restarted with a TV85 and added a C925 as my “perfect duo”. The TV is easily my most used scope so no regrets there but I do have a Tak FCDL inbound to replace it for home grab and go. Then theres the APM 152 and the WO 61 as a starter imaging scope.. not quite sure what to say really but for visual I suspect the Tak and C will end up mostly on the mounts Best of luck lol Simon
  7. Alan, I suspect that might make a superb pair with mine in the binoviewers. You may want to check postage to Guernsey though, as James nearly had heart failure sending me his bits lol. Please consider sold and pm me. Simon
  8. Gina, I had a massive Lightning display which moved quickly across the Island, tiny patter of very heavy drops, and then gone. We were very lucky looking at what hit the Birmingham area. DHL spectacularly failed to find my house today despite the scope being in their van so still waiting.... Simon
  9. Pete, Yup, changeable it sure is. Now if DHL hadnt played silly buggers sending it backwards and forwards from East Midlands to Gatwick twice I would have it. Looks like Tuesday now..... Simon
  10. Got me DHL n FLO emails today, incoming Tak, feel like a kid at xmas, then I check the forecast, you have to laugh..... Simon
  11. Yup, sounds like it was time to move on anyway mate. I am 53 and now “retired”, shame my old client base can’t take the hint lol, 3 major changes of career in that time, but each one was a positive experience after getting through the initial teething pains. Don’t envy you in playing in the dark side though, lmao, you are much braver than me??
  12. Welcome home. You never know whats around the corner but it sounds like your head is in the right place:) Amazingly frustrating hobby isnt it.... Although its one of the aspects that keeps it fresh for me, nothing handed to you on a plate lol. Best of luck with the reboot? Simon
  13. Hi and welcome. The finder probably isnt aligned to the scope at the moment. You can dial them in in daylight (Do NOT point anywhere near the sun of course) using a distant chimney, pylon etc. I use a widefield eyepiece (25 or 30mm) in the dark, locate a known object in the scope then adjust the finder to match. its all quite a lot to take in at first tbh but the community here are great and I promise the end result is worth the teething pains! Clear skies Simon
  14. Ive got 2 out on cool down as well. Unfortunately will be first lighting the C925, so that should scupper it down here lol. Fingers crossed for us all..... Simon
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