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  1. Hi all, I went for the 8mm and 12mm BST Starguiders as recommended by a couple of people and got them both from FLO for £90. I can't argue with that. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. Thanks for the links. What reason would I pay £30 extra for the Aero over the Panaview?
  3. Yes it's manual, I've noticed the planets aren't ideally placed at the moment. I've promised my daughter a look at Saturn now though so I'll have to think of something Budget is less than £100 although if I really have to pay more I could.
  4. Focal Length is 1200. For deep space I'm less interested in distant galaxies and more interested in Clusters mostly and Nebulas. I also want to view Planets, I've seen most in a scope before but will never get bored of seeing them. Budget? I'd like to spend under £100 ideally and I'm happy to look at the 2nd hand market. The Dob is a manual push dob and takes a 2" eyepeice.
  5. I've just bought an 8inch Dob which came with a 25mm eyepiece. If I was going to buy 1 more eyepiece this month to accompany it what should I get? I was thinking something like a 40mm to get a bigger FOV but not sure.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. Can anybody recommend a decent budget 9x50 RACI?
  7. Thanks for the welcome, I already own a Telrad that I have on a smaller scope, I may swap the RDF and the Telrad as the Telrad will probably be better suited to this. I'm still wandering if a Magnified finder would be useful too?
  8. That's something I've not considered, spend money on a wide eyepiece instead of a finder scope. Out of interest, what size eyepiece would be best?
  9. Just wondering if I'll need to get a finder scope for an 8 inch dob that comes with a RDF. Have other people struggled with just a RDF? If so what's a good, budget finder scope for the job? TIA
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