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  1. From where I am (41S) the Pleiades get a respectable altitude and are still glorious. Have only spotted M31 as a smudge in binos and Deneb only gets about 3 degrees above the horizon. Love watching out for both Deneb and Capella, something almost mysterious seeing these 2 far northern beacons
  2. Hi all Tried to update the latest firmware to my hand controller, am using the USB adapter and it always only gets to about 4% then fails. Now I find the controller will not work on the scope. I did change the download rate to low on the controller but no luck. Suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Patrick
  3. As a southerner, I dream of what it must be like to have a bright pole star, to see the big dipper, having M31 nearly going overhead, the full glory of Cygnus, the W or M of Cassiopeia and those wonderful meteor showers you northerners have. I guess the point is you wish for what you can't have. We do have a lot of treasures down here and probably take them for granted but the northern sky has its share as well. Does seem that the equator is the place to be! Cheers Patrick
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome Clear skies to all Patrick
  5. Kia ora (Maori for hello) Greetings from the South Pacific, this is a great site and I am pleased to be part of the community. I observe from the suburbs of Wellington which is the capital city, located at the southern end of the North Island, roughly latitude 41 south, longitude 174 east. I have a 150mm Sky-Watcher Newtonian on a EQ3, 127mm Sky-Watcher Maksutov-Cassegrain on SynScan mount and a pair of Meade 10x50 binoculars. I have been interested in astronomy since I was a child, been mostly a casual observer through my adulthood and starting now to get back into more re
  6. Thanks guys, I think I have been a bit of a numpty, only downloading the data file and not the loader itself! Will try again when I get home. Thanks again for the advice Cheers Patrick
  7. I have just tried it again and is coming up as. ssx, maybe I am doing something wrong, am pretty computer illiterate Thanks
  8. Hi all I am wishing to update my SynScan hand controller v3 and cannot open the .ssx downloader file. My PC keeps asking me what program to use to open it. Anybody able to help please? Thanks
  9. Hi I am thinking of getting one of these as a portable, quick to assemble scope. My main issue is with how sturdy the tripod is and how easy it is to make minute adjustments to keep centred on an object as there are no slow motion controls. Anyone got comments? Thanks
  10. Thanks Dave and Philip The scope is new and is actually an exchange for another scope I bought off this company. The first one which was a 70mm short refractor had excellent optics but I sent it back because the tripod was too light weight and was basically a camera tripod which I found too hard to track objects with. I had no problems with the exchange, the woman at the company was very helpful and should be fine exchanging this one. The scope is under the brand of "Saxon" which I gather is an Australian company and has a good reputation. My other scopes are a f/5 Skywatch
  11. Hi all, newbie here. I have just bought a 90mm Mak and tried it for the first time last night on the Pleiades and the Orion Nebula. I used the 25mm eyepiece that came with the scope and noticed that some of the stars near the edge of the field threw out rings that went across the centre of the field. I swapped to another 25mm eyepiece I have that I haven't had problems with but the same thing happen. I changed the diagonal to another one but still the same problem with both eyepieces. I am suspecting now there is a flaw in the optics of the scope itself. Or is this somethin
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