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  1. exceedingly cheap refractor

    found a $40 refractor at a goodwill today. will include some pictures, is it worth the money? has a EQ mount included, and for just 40 I'm seriously considering it. tips? it has no eyepeices included, but the mount looks sturdy and the i don't yet have a refractor so i really want it.. if its worth it. pretty sure its worth over $200 but idk 4 sure. remember that i know so little about refractors that i had to google how they worked.. again. but that mount alone would be worth it, even if the optical tube isn't. please feel free to tell me its not worth it, i don NOT want to waste money on this.
  2. leonids at the headlands

    the lakes do sometimes cause clouds and mist, in fact there is SNOW in the forecast for this weekend so idk if I'm going or not. ill be staying in a airbnb house, camping is a horrid experience. as far as i know you can stay as late as you like, since its a dark sky park a assume they would allow you to be there all night if you want. I'm taking a nikon camera, likely a pair of small but strong binocs, and my celestron sky prodigy 90 mak- cass.
  3. hey everybody, I'm going up to the headlands international dark sky park on the 17th and 18th for the leonids shower. anybody else planning on being there? hoping for some pro help with my scope if i can get it. if you plan on being there, feel free to let me know.. id love to have some help learning to use my scope well. so far only seen a fuzzy moon and a tiny little neptune dot with it, so help is much appreciated if available.
  4. neptune imaging issues

    let me check here... it came with a 25mm and a 9mm, and i haven't bought more yet. i tried them both, but of course the 25 had the better image for a celestial object. an icy blue "star" is exactly what i saw. glad to know its hard to get much better than that w/out doubling my aperture.
  5. neptune imaging issues

    i have the sky prodigy 90 mak-cass. its got a 5 inch aperture, so given the above images i think a vibrant blue dot is all i can expect. I'm certain i got the planet. it was right in the viewfinder, and the GOTO systems are very accurate so far. for camera, i don't have a good one yet. i was going to try holding my iPhone camera up to the eyepiece. I've seen it done, even though it sounds ridiculous. it was freezing cold and i really underdressed, so there wasn't really much time. if it had been a bit warmer i would have taken a shot. also, there was some light pollution. not as much as at my house, but still more than i would like. neptune wasn't directly in the polluted part of the horizon, but it was on he edge. that might have had an affect. I'm going to a dark sky park for the leonids on the 17th, ill see if i can get a shot of neptune then.. even as a little point of light it was awesome to see.
  6. neptune imaging issues

    so i got out my celestron sky prodigy mak-cass and took a look at neptune, but i only saw a little point of light. it had a definite bluish tint, but it did NOT look like a planet. is this just normal or is something wrong? i didn't get a picture of it, i was going to try but i forgot. any tips?
  7. mysterious object??

    I'm certainly not saying it wasn't a drone or remote control plane. i hope it was because the alternative is kind of frightening. i knew the exact distance, 20-25 feet, because at least once it was in a grove of trees directly across the street from me. but it could easily be a drone, i don't know much about them. moonshanes link proved that to me.
  8. mysterious object??

    due to a few reasons i don't think it could have been a drone or plane. 1. it was absolutely silent. 2. i didn't measure its speed, but it was at 2 or 3 hundred mph from the way it was moving. i live in kind of a poorest neighborhood, nobody who lives around here could afford something even close to that speed. 3. this is the weirdest thing about it, and the reason i don't think its a manmade object. not only was it glowing in some weird color i had never seen before, i could see through it. i must have been hallucinating that or something.
  9. mysterious object??

    maybe its a military experiment to make a super intelligent tardigrade, but it went rogue!! and maybe it thinks I'm its creator and its hunting me dow to kill me!! WHAT IF ITS WATCHING ME RIGHT NOW!!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT IF THIS IS THE LAST POST I EVER POST!!??!??!?!??!?!? okay i got carried away there.. its probably just the weird guy who lives across the street smoking multicolor cigarettes.. he does weird stuff at night. its probably related to him somehow.
  10. mysterious object??

    thats a definite possibility, but i already said i don't think its a drone. but thx 4 the idea.
  11. mysterious object??

    olly, i wouldn't even believe this was happening if it wasn't happening to me!! it really does feel like a weird dream more than something that is really happening.. and maybe it is. given how weird this all is i think it could be anything. i just hope this doesn't ruin my excellent reputation.. wouldn't want to lose those 4 or 5 rep points!!
  12. mysterious object??

    figured once i told my story id get some grief. not really surprised, tbh. but the way you are talking you seem to think that because i saw some weird lights I'm not a serious astronomy fan, which i find rather offensive. i got into astronomy because of what i saw, but i am still interested in it now not because i want to solve this mystery but because i love it, and i love the community. i do appreciate your recommendation i visit a doctor, so i will do that. thank you for your help.
  13. mysterious object??

    if its kids, I'm gonna kill em!! they really freaked me out!! seen it twice, first time was a fluke and second time i was taking out the trash cans. if i see it again, i WILL have a camera. I'm sure nobody believes me.. not even tim. right, tim?? nobody believes me.. but once i get a photo maybe ill get some belief. ill just crack the window and stick my head out. i even have a dinky little refractor i should be able to use handheld.
  14. mysterious object??

    saw it again, this time it got pretty near the ground.. like i think it was within a few hundred feet of me. i could see it zipping around behind trees, and it even scared some deer.. i won't be going back outside at night for a while. thanks for the link badweather.. looks like i might need it.
  15. iPhone Lunar shot

    wait a second.. those weren't taken with just an app were they?? or am i being stupid?? there was a telescope involved right??