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  1. I wonder the time a small rock traveling in a incredibly huge emptiness may impact a small planet that is flying at 108,000 km/h ... but this only could happen if you believe in the dinosaur mass extinction
  2. Maybe you will not point any plane intentionally, but you could still do it accidentally. Other point is that if you are going to be outside with other astronomers and there is someone doing astro-photography, you can easily ruin their session
  3. Totally agree with martinl About wiring batteries in parallel, you can add a diode to the positive output of each battery to avoid the incoming current
  4. As far as I know, Teamviewer will require Internet access. I normally use Windows Terminal Server (also known as Remote Desktop), as far as you have Windows Terminal Server client for Mac and IPad
  5. Have you tried to star Stellarium by doing mouse right click and "Run as Administrator"?
  6. have you checked this? : http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/lxindex.html it seems that another piece of software is misssing in your computer: HW Virtual Serial Port also I imagine that you are using EQMODLX because you are ding satellite tracking I think here is the solution http://www.astronomoxie.com/msgsdisp.php?parm=eqmod-i-can-t-get-eqmodlx-to-work-at-all You need to run the utility as Administrator (and maybe also the EQMODLX installer)
  7. Gareth, if you can see COM4 appearing, I think it is not a problem of drivers. Normally a missing dll is a symptom of an incorrect software installation (EQMODlx) or an incompatibility between the software and your computer or operating system
  8. One easy test you can perform: Do right click on "My computer" (or "This computer") icon and choose Properties. Then Choose Device Manager (at the left side of the window) You will see a new window with all devices in your computer. With this window open, plug your mount cable to your computer and check which device automatically appears, normally you will see a new "USB Serial Port" under "Ports (COM & LPT)". This port will show a COM port number (i.e. COM3). This is the COM port number you have to declare in your EQMOD software. BUT, if you see a Yellow question mark that
  9. Hi, Every time you connect an USB device to a different USB port in your computer, Windows will create a new COM port (COMmunications port, normally used to name serial communications ports). So if you plug your mount in a USB port and this is linked to COM5 (for example), you should configure your software to talk to COM5. Lately, if you plug the same USB device to another USB port in your computer, then you should change the settings in the software. In other hand, I think it is better to connect devices that will need fast communications (like your ASI1600 camera) directly to a US
  10. Also you can find it at a very good price at AliExpress: https://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/30cm-90degree-USB-2-0-Printer-Cable-Type-A-Male-to-Type-B-Male-Dual-Shielding/914471_32764857895.html?spm=a219c.12010108.1000016.1.6fcda202mMfmNF&isOrigTitle=true
  11. Thanks to everybody for the warm welcome
  12. Hello everyone, my name is Victor and I started up in this fantastic hobby one year ago. I live in downtown Barcelona, so the light pollution is very bad, but Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon keep me busy. I'm currently using SkyWatcher MAK 150 that I use from my balcony. I have been reading this forums for a while, learning a lot from all of you, and I decided to sign up and say hello! Víctor
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