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  1. Yup, polar alignment is really difficult for the back and knees with this mount. I just bought a 90° mirror for the polar scope, hope it'll ease the process ? Yeah I guess 75 seconds is a too long exposure, I'll reduce it to 40-50 sec and stack a few more images
  2. It is 1 picture of 75 seconds, ISO 500, GoTo Synscan on my EQ3 mount with a 750mm newtonian scope Canon 80D
  3. OKay thanks for your answers. Here is a screenshot of a RAW picture I took last night, with the telescope (750mm x 150mm mirror) + canon 80D still un-modified I'm going to send it in a few days to be defiltered. okay, i took note to remove it if no LP, thanks ?
  4. Hello, I just bought a canon 80D that I will bring for IR filter removal (the original IR filter will be swapped with an Astrodon Inside filter, from eosforastro), and would like to know if it would be any good to clip a CLS CCD filter in it ? I've seen this one on tringastro or this one on teleskop express. I live in Geneva (CH) and do my astro imaging with my telescope and lenses around there, so kind of a bit of light pollution in the sky. I don't really know if I should buy one or not, not sure about the result. BTW : I'm planning to go in the south african bush in 1 month for safari and astrophotography, would I need the filter in the canon 80D or should I remove it (if I buy it ?) thanks ? Golfox2
  5. Hi guys, thanks again ! I've discussed with the president of my city's astronomy club and I told him the same informations and needs as I mentionned here. He proposed me those 2 scopes : https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5546_TS-Optics-Einsteigerteleskop-Newton-150-750-auf-EQ3-1-Montierung.html and https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php?products_id=5536#cs I can't really see differences between them, except the 200€ price difference. Those seem to be relatively easily transportable, can mount my DSLR, can adapt a goto or follow motor in the future, and in my price range. What do you guys think about them please ? Thanks
  6. Hi all, thanks a lot again for all those infos ! Yes we should do that @N3ptune, that'll be a great idea I don't have the money to buy two telescopes sadly, but if I could, I would definitely do that, yes The Orion StarMax 127mm Mak-Cass looks great and seems to fit my needs (transportable, small astrophoto, price range). I'll try to find an astroclub to see if they have this one to test
  7. Mh... thanks again for the answers =) I can't make up my mind about all those scopes huh... So what I am sure of is I need to make only 1 walk from car to point of observation. I may not need a GoTo, if it can save up on weight and budget. Also, I prefer something on a tripod, because I'll be observing from a camping chair, not crouching on the ground A shop close to my village has this Skywatcher Skymax 127 that you mentionned, @Geoff Lister, : http://www.optiqueperret.ch/diametre-127-mm/577-sky-watcher-skymax-127-supatrak-auto.html It also has a camera mount for amateur astrophoto and a altazimuth star following. (But I can't really imagine the size/volume it takes) It's a bit above the budget I mentionned, but if I wait for christmas, that could be affordable for me. @Ben, I didn't really have something in mind. I assume a 127/130mm will take up less space than a 150mm ? I'd rather take a bit more compacity than brightness. @Cosmic, right, then I'll narrow down on 127/130mm =D @Nyctimene, yes thanks for those informations. I understand I can remove the "wood disks" and put the tube on a Skywatcher AZ 5 for example ?
  8. Yey but I'm already using binoculars and know a bit of the sky. Someone at a astro club I know suggests this one : https://www.astromanie.ch/fr/telescopes/246-sky-watcher-skyhawk-1145p-synscan-az-goto.html Would it be good ? What would be pros and cons ?
  9. Yup thanks guys, I'll try before buy at a Stargazing club around my city, and then I'll probably go for the 200p dobs. Thanks a lot again to everyone for all the help
  10. AstroKerr, I love your messages hahaha, they're making my day x) Ow the 200p on eq5 is huuuge, I had not imagined that big... Yeah, it's far better if I can make it in only 1 travel from the car to the observation point indeed. damn it's more complicated that what I thought. So in fact, I'm looking for a scope that is transportable alone (on a tripod with manual alt/az) Yes, uneven/unleveled, whatever, I'll be able to find a plane surface somewhere on this bloody mountain ! Ideally, I imagined me on a camping chair, looking through my telescope. So nothing so big or that need a special convey to bring up there.
  11. Wow, thanks a lot everybody ! So I better go for a - manual (not GoTo) - alt/azimuth - tripod (easier to set up on my mountain's uneven ground) - parabolic reflector - mini 100mm diameter - reflector (mirrors) am I right ? - and that I can carry entirely alone, with my 2 arms et 2 hands hahaha I'll look for astronomy clubs near my city and see if I can try some scopes If I understand good, I should go for a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P but with a tripod instead of the dobsonian mount, right ? thanks folks PS edit : like this one : https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-ds-ota.html with a manual alt-az mount tripod ? (if I wait 'til christmas for money huehue)
  12. Hi guys, thanks a lot for every answers, I really appreciate how you help me, and I am learning fast, even though it still remains difficult So, @Geoff, the Skywatcher Heritage 90P Virtuoso looks really well, but I am surprised the DSLR mount is without the scope tube, only the goto mount ? @happy-kat, I assume that the darker the environment, the larger aperture I should use for better results ? @Louis, what's the difference in star-seeing quality between parabolic and spherical mirror ? I feel confuse, as a parabole is an element of a sphere ... ? or you mean plain sphere like a "D" rather than a ")" ? > What should be the primary mirror diameter for a beginner like me with telescopes, you guys were telling me 150-200mm as shown in your links ? > A smaller primary mirror size means a less bright image seen in the scope, doesn't it ? I am then narrowing down between: - a Skywatcher 200p - a Skywatcher 150p with GoTo - a Heritage 90p (seems really small ?) But not sure which one to choose :S what do you think of this nexstar 4se, above budget, but could be doable if I wait for christmas ? meanwhile, I don't understand what is a back focus and barlow (is it the eyepiece ?) Thanks folks, I can feel I am coming up with a more precise idea of what I need, everytime I check new messages on this topic =D Can't wait to read you again
  13. Thanks Louis D ! I can drive up with a car yes, so volume/weight is not my first problem, but the most compact, the most convenient for me it is for sure Wow the heritage 130p seems really convenient, but does it have a good quality for star seeing ? it looks really cheap... And I may think I would prefer knobs for controlling my axis of rotation instead of a plate.
  14. Nice !! It seems perfect for my use, may I know what mount it is on please ? do you use a GoTo and alt-az or EQ ? And I've read that Newtonians scopes have a con : coma. I understand it is a loss of quality on the side of the field of view, am I right ? Is it annoying or not ?
  15. Okay nice, thanks Geoff So I should narrow down to a scope & GoTo mount pack. After some reads, I understand now how alt-az and equatorial mounts work, and my go for an alt-az then (for now). Can I mount a GoTo on an alt-az ? (maybe only for pointing, not for tracking) Hum, thanks Mars, but it's a bit expensive for me, but thanks anyway =) @Ben : oh, thanks, I didn't know that, and seems clearly logical after explanation ! What is the model of your newtonian tube please ?
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