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  1. Being quite "new" to astrophotography myself - I've only been imaging since about 4 years ago - I would really suggest you take the asiair pro (as the V1 is out of production) into consideration. I really hated the fact having a laptop into the open air, because after a while, you'll be sitting inside while your rig is taking pictures. The asiair has revolutionalised my imaging. - setting up PHD through the laptop was a pain, every time. Asiair has a phd 'light' and it works. Every time. - Platesolving has been a revelation to me. I have always struggled with staralignment and goto, and trying to compare a testshot for framing when you don't know how accurate you have aligned is ehm.. frustrating - Cable management! I now run 1 (ONE!!) cable to the asiair pro, and it handles all my power needs. - Automatic meridian flip. It has its days (or well.. nights..) but mostly works just fine. - Polar alignment: only tried it once, but my cem 60 has a better polar scope and I have no need for it. - I don't have an automatic focuser nor filterwheel, but those are also compatible - and I'm thinking about it, especially when they launch autofocusing. - yes... the software is always up to date, no more manual updates or tweaking, or windows that decides to install updates in the middle of your imaging session. And all future new perks are free! I'd say you can't go wrong with the asiair, and if you're at it... buy SkySafari too. Heaven!
  2. I thought the clear nights were over, so I put my setup away before the bad weather rolled in... just to see that I must have checked a default location. It was another clear night here, so I quickly put the Esprit 120 in action. Took 100 subs, but threw away 7, totaling 93 x 300s or 7hrs 45 min. Asi 071mc, IDAS D1, Cem 60. I must have screwed up the meridian flip settings in the Asiair pro, because when I started it immediately wanted to flip, then said it was going to flip in 12 hours.. Strange. I assisted the flip manually, and had no troubles for the rest of the night. Full picture: crop:
  3. Did some reprocessing to try and get a bit more out of it:
  4. Some of my best guiding yet, and an absolute victory for the CEM60 for handling the C11 that well! 0.5" RMS error - never saw my setup guiding this well. A gust of wind or a lost cloud must have thrown it off track around 2 am, so I only got 5 hours worth of data. I'll add more on a later date, this one needs at least 10 hours more from my SQM 19.2 skies.
  5. 129 x 300s (10h45) integration. Stack in APP, processed in PI.
  6. First try to integrate A LOT of subs. I do need an automatic focuser now. Waiting for ZWO to integrate autofocus in the asiair pro... Esprit 120 on CEM11, asi 071mc pro. 170x300s or 14 hours and 20 minutes worth of data. I'm working on a new integration with a tighter selection (129 subs or 10hrs 45) , curious if that one gives a better result.
  7. thanks! I process comets in Pixinsight Batch preprocessing with darks and flats, cometalignment, image integration, auto histogram, histogram transformation, curves. Just eyeballling, really.
  8. Last night, march 24, with Esprit 120 - 55x60s
  9. Due to gusts of wind, I had to bench the C11 edge and put the esprit 120 on the cem 60 mount. The ASIAIR PRO had some issues with the auto meridian flip with off axis guiding on the C11, I was curious if the larger FOV with the esprit and his guidescope would give the same problem. It didn't! I woke up in time to see the mount pauze, flip, recenter, validate, and just went on with the lights. When I woke up this morning, the scope was parked and shut off. NICE! 99 subs of 300s, calibrated and stacked in APP, processed in PI. camera: asi 071 mc pro I can't wait until ZWO releases autofocus...
  10. Wiu-Wiu


    I think that's exactly what I did. Everything up to the first stacked and unstretched image in APP, I then just crop, autohistogram, histogram transformation, curves and color saturation in PI.
  11. Wiu-Wiu


    I think PI has more trouble to align data pre- and post-meridian flip. APP does it way better.
  12. Wiu-Wiu


    None taken, it has been months since I processed static data, (clouds), and I have done more comets lately. I'm super rusty I did do another process: stacking in APP and postprocess in PI, that usually gives me a bit more color and detail.
  13. Wiu-Wiu


    Messier 106 - 49x300s with C11 Edge on cem 60. Test with asiair pro from SQM 19,2 skies.
  14. I managed to get my gear out last night and this comet was on the top of my list. C11 Edge on CEM 60, asi 071mc pro 30x60s 30x120s
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