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  1. Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = Backspace Tab q w e r t y u i o p [ ] Return capslock a s d f g h j k l ; ' \ shift ` z x c v b n m , . / shift English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Polski Português Русский alt alt Preferences Hi stargazers, i have been a member now for a couple of years but rarely sign in as my arthritis prevents me from typing (my partner is typing now, Hi All ), however rarely does a problem come up that someone has not allready experienced and can not be solved by just searching the threads, (many thanks for that by the way). So i rarley post and would like to sell a scope, however i need to amass 250 posts to be able to do so. With my joints the way they are it would be difficult to say the least to do this. (and i my brain only holds 249 interesting things to talk about anyway) Could anyone here point me in the direction of somebody who could help me please? Many Thanks Guys John/Tracey
  2. cows staring make me paranoid. always there when you open the door you say? yikes!!! nice pics jonny jon
  3. Stunning shots, looks close too, also looks like "war of the worlds" i`d be in awe as i ran away My partner and i keep talking about going somewhere completely dark. Somehow the damn house wins everytime! It can fall apart this year.. i care not great pics, you posting more? jon
  4. I`m sure i read on the forum that the moon drops down around 00.15, should make for better veiwing if so. (best check first, i`ve been known to be wrong in the past.... or so my partner tells me ) jon
  5. Done, she now has birthday paper wrapped around her glasses! Every meteor gift wrapped.... just got to get her to look up now
  6. Cheers for the link Dave, i`m in devon at the moment also it happens to be my girlfriends birthday... not sure i can wrap them all though
  7. me too, i missed the one severall months ago due to weather. grrr
  8. looking out of my window 2.30ish last night i saw must have been 6 streaks across the sky, tthey were all traveling in the same direction, does that mean they were part of a meteor shower? jon
  9. Morning Alan, sorry to here the skies are not on your side today. I think that the eclipse will be filmed and shown tonight on bbc 2, 8 o clock. You still have a shot at the meteor showers tonight and tommorrow i think... good luck and i hope the skies are clear for you john
  10. Morning people, just ot mself out of bed praying for a clear sky to catch some veiwing and prepare for the partial eclipse of our Sun. Happy to say the clouds over Hereford appear to be parting, just keeping fingers crossed they keep going! Good luck to you if you`ve just managed to drag yourself out of a warm bed to observe, it wasn`t easy at least not for me, leaving my georgeous wife to look at a wonderous event! close call, however i reasond that my wife would be there still later as ive tol myself a few times now
  11. thanks guys, thats given me the optimism needed to set myself up tonight, john
  12. Hi guys, some amazing pics of jupitor around. I was wondering would i be able to see any detail with my 6" scope? with my ep`s i can just make out mars as a little disc, however isnt jupitor a lot bigger if further away? that said would i get a better view? thanks for all your help guys, john
  13. Could anyone shed any light on this for me please? I would like to try a quich go at imagine without having to invest a huge amount of money, just want to dip my toe in and see if its for me really. Firstly have i picked a realistic target (Orion Nebula)? Most importantly though, what will i need? Am i right to assume the aperture on the camera needs to be fully open constantly while tracking the nebula to attract the colour we see in the amazing pics we see from people on this forum? I had a very old camera where i could adjust the aperture manualy, would this do? also is a special kind of film needed? I`m sure ive left out more important questions so would be gratfull to anyone who felt they could help in any way, thanks in advance for any help offered, john
  14. hi guys, iv`e got a new computor and need to install a new sky map, has anyone any good suggestions? thanks in advance john
  15. nice one docu..., was going mad with rubbish on the box. you diamond john
  16. thanks guys. with all those to reference i could offer an acurate forecast of my own. you would think they would share there info so that their predictions had a chance of being reliable at least. wishfull thinking me thinks, john
  17. Could anyone suggest a reliable weather forcast site? My local weather (i get off the BBC website) has been consistently wrong. It has forcast rain for four days solid and its been stunning weather. Ive lost a weekend of viewing as ive been unable to plan ahead! i`m sure some guy looks out of the window in the morning and makes it up on the spot. thanks in advance guys john
  18. cheers peter, i couldn`t remember how to spell it right, obliged.. john
  19. hi guys, been away for a while. a short time ago i read through a thread that showed an awesome gettaway for peeps with our hobby, it was managed and run by a gent called olly, but my futile efforts at a keyboard bore no fruit! can anyone put us in touch? thanks guys, john
  20. it looks tall enough to poke through the clouds.... seriously though, where do you put your ep`s? surely not the usual place? ....i`ve a healthy fear of hieghts john
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