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  1. Hello everyone Well I think I have the permanent mount situation sorted, thank you again all for your imput. But I thinking now that I may just abandon my equatorial mount and just go with a low tech... aka no tech manually operated Azimuth mount. I have NEVER had any success with my Eq mount, particularly with polar alignment. Maybe I never had the fortune to actually find a tutorial that (a) I can understand and (b) is simple and straight to the point. So... as I am going to get my 5 inch refractor out of storage, I am on the hunt now for a reasonably
  2. thank you everyone.... lot of helpful ideas and information there.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been giving some thought to building a semi permanent mount for my 5 inch refractor. I have an EQ mount but the tripod is ...well really unsteady in that it randomly decides to try and collapse. SO I figured I would build a mount/post, that I can set up on the back of my deck in the back yard. I have to ponder this; as how I would build it though. I am wondering if anyone else has gone this route???? Ian
  4. BTW.... another really cool free astro program I use is In-The-Sky.org
  5. I have given a lot of thought to some of the software programs out there, like The Sky, Skytools etc. I suppose it is worth it if one is a serious observer.... but what about the casual observer. I find everything I need to know on free software like stellarium. What are your thoughts guys??
  6. Hey everyone, So last night I came home from dinner in the town and the moon was just perfect! I do favor looking at the moon as often as I can, but last night I decided to test the capabilities of my Orion spotting scope. The wife had bought it for me as a retirement present as we have a view of the cascade mountains from just down the street. Well I cannot say I was disappointed... I mounted my little scope one of the tripods I use for my camera... and I had a blast!! I like being able to zoom in to 48x mag but of course... my FOV moves "across the st
  7. Hey John, I was not in the path of totality but where I live just north of Seattle, it was VERY obvious, as in the light became really subdued and the air temperature dropped considerably. Ian
  8. Hi everyone, I am new here, I am recently retired and I live in Seattle WA. Looking forward to getting to know you guys. My knowledge of astronomy is not expert ... but it is a passion.
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