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  1. I did try that, but I just couldn't get it to be crisp! It just stayed slightly blurred....when I look through the eyepiece I can get a crisp view but not with the DSLR
  2. I have my DSLR attached to the back of the OTA with a t adapter, I then use the focuser on the OTA whilst looking through the viewfinder of the DSLR. If there is a better way please enlighten me
  3. Hi All, Been a little while since I have been on here, I have been trying to get out as much as possible and have been attempting first lot of imaging with my dslr. Please let me know what you think and where I can improve, my main issue I am having is it I am finding it really difficult to get crisp focus?! Thanks
  4. Thanks for this, really helpful. Do you have any thoughts on my other post in imaging, would be good to have your input, i've asked a few questions.
  5. Ok, so larger sensor = more pixels which = greater field My question would be that a camera with a large sensor is going to be more expensive than a smaller sensor camera. However using the fov tool it makes saturn for instance really small. Is this an issue or as it is greater quality would it crop better and retain quality or would the cheaper smaller sensor camera be better for planetary observing?? Thanks
  6. with a dslr would it work with taking video and using registak on this video as well? or would just taking pictures work?
  7. maybe another silly question, if i am then looking at planets and trying to get a larger sensor to fit more of the moon in, would the planets then not be too far away? is there a way of zooming in from the camera or adding a barlow?
  8. ok...so would there be a camera solution for my scope to view the moon in totality or would the cost of a sensor that large not be worth it?
  9. Ok.... I had a look and it shows me that I would only be able to image a tiny square of the moon.....! Is this right?? I even put in an 80ed and that didn't even capture the whole moon. How do people capture the moon in totality? I was recommended the best way was to take a video and registax etc... But this seems a bit pointless if I'm only going to see a tiny portion of it. Help please...
  10. Hi, Forgive me if this is a really stupid question but I can't find an answer anywhere! Does the magnification /fov change when attaching a zwo camera to the ota? I'm looking at starting to do some lunar imaging and I am trying to figure out which zwo to get? As there will be no eyepiece what magnification would it be at. I have a c8 and my 25mm gives a full view but have no idea what a zwo would look like? Thanks
  11. Hi all, What would be the best way for me to image the moon. I have a c8 and I would like to know what would be the easiest set up to start with? A suitable camera I've looked at zwo but wondered how processing worked on these. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I've been in Scotland the past couple of weeks so haven't been on much. However I found my previous issue was down to light pollution! It was incredibly dark in Scotland where I was and after setup as normal I got it to slew to the ring nebula and there it was standing out like a sore thumb!!! Had great fun after that with m57, crab nebula, albireo it was incredible. My issue now is, is there a way to combat the light pollution where I am? Just an update really
  13. Went looking for m57 again tonight but no luck, I think this time however I was in the right place. It was in between sheliak and sulafat. I could locate the three stars in a small triangle but when looking for m57 it was just too difficult to locate. Now although I could find the group of 3 stars and sheliak easily I struggled with any stars close to m57 there is a w shape that I could not make out. Could my light pollution be that bad, that other thing is my neighbour has quite a bright security light out back that is on all the time, it lights up post my garden and makes it easy to see everything. Could this be the issue?
  14. Something I was struggling with was obviously what I'd looking at was essentially upside down to what I eat looking at on stellarium, is there a way to tackle this?
  15. Thanks that's great. What do you use to get these images?
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