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  1. Should be good, shame to have to wait until 2019 though.
  2. Hi @Simoncwr I've just joined also. Hope your new scope brings you joy. I started out with a supermarket-bought-waste-of-£50 about 15 years ago but soon moved to something better.
  3. @ronl I've been waiting for about 3 weeks but glad I got the chance last night.
  4. @Floater About 2hrs after starting this topic the clouds cleared and I got outside to use my scope (probably first time in about a year... ). Need to get used to working in low red light. Had a great time looking at M45 and I've got a list of things I need to do to make future viewing more of a pleasure including briefing new neighbors (house opposite) who were out having a vape/smoke and might have been wondering what a bloke with a red head torch was doing fumbling around in his shed. @gtis Nice to know there's someone close by; are you a member of MSAS? I was for about a year but th
  5. Signed up a couple of weeks ago or so. Thought I'd say hello. I've just replaced the roof on my home observatory and I'm eagerly awaiting a clear night to get some observing in.
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