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  1. I like it! Not the sats, the timelapse. The trees give a great idea of size and perspective, well done.
  2. Great report and some wonderful targets, congratulations! If you think of M13 as "amazing" and M3 as "still good", I'm very curious what your opinion would be of M92 .
  3. Not really. The light pollution filters available are not very effective against modern LED lighting, and they are not magically turning your skies to Bortle 1 anyway. It's sad, but to avoid light pollution you need to travel. Another approach is to change your targets. Planets, the Moon, double stars, carbon stars and some open clusters for example withstand light pollution very well and they are lovely in their own right.
  4. It's more or less in the name: The Double Star Atlas is primarily focused on double stars, it shows designations of binaries on the map for example. The Star Atlas is more of a general star atlas, with different colours for different deep-sky objects. It has symbols for double stars, if I recall correctly, but no designations.
  5. Waddensky


    This. I always wondered why it was designed this way.
  6. For deep-sky observation, the bigger the aperture, the better. It will give you the ability to use more magnification so you can enlarge faint objects to the threshold of detection. Additionally, it will give you a higher resolution so it will be great for planetary and lunar observing too. The simplest/cheapest way to get a large aperture, is to buy a dobson. GOTO is a matter of taste/convenience but not really necessary in my opinion and adds more compexity. Astrophotography is another branch of the hobby, and usually requires other equipment, and a whole other budget.
  7. There's no issue! You have a great scope and you've found Mars and the Orion Nebula: congratulations! The links in this thread are great to get an idea of what to expect, and as said, don't let the pictures you find online fool you, things are different when looking through the eyepiece - but you'll appreciate these views soon enough. Just keep on practicing, you will see more detail and fainter things as you build up experience. Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask questions here if they pop up.
  8. The Interstellarum DSA is great. Large pages and easy to read under low (red) light conditions. I have the Field edition, it's very expensive but well worth the investment in my opinion. The pages are firm and waterproof, and the atlas 'stays open' on the correct page (if you understand what I mean, the English term doesn't come to mind ). I have the Uranometria 2000.0 too, but I never take it outside. It's a work of art.
  9. Waddensky


    Yes, excellent telescope. Those eyepieces are the plössls I mentioned. Not high-end of course but good enough to get started. Not familiar with the British prices on the used market but I'm sure others will chime in.
  10. Waddensky


    Hi, and welcome! Excellent explanations in this thread when it comes to the eyepieces. Both the Huygens and the Ramsden are fairly basic designs, and the 4 mm SR is next to useless (although my first wonderful telecope experiences were with one of these years ago!). If you'd like to progress to a better scope, you might consider a larger dobsonian, a 6" or 8". They usually come with plössl eyepieces, they are basic too but a lot better than the ones you have now. Still, your next telescope also depends on your budget, primary observing targets and some other considerations as ability to l
  11. Yes, that sounds conspicuously like a satellite. Perhaps not the ISS, but there are a lot of other satellites out there.
  12. Lovely, nothing like spending a still night Struve hunting. These are some challenging doubles, great results!
  13. Double cluster! But there's so much within reach of a good pair of binoculars that it's hard to choose. I always like to find out how much Messiers I can catch with my 10x50 on a nice, dark night.
  14. There are strange characters in your alt/azi position too. Looks like an encoding or language issue to me. Perhaps a partly translated foreign language selected in CdC (Setup > General > Language)?
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