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  1. Just wondering if anyone here has tried one of these hats that I saw on ebay? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skys-the-Limit-illuminated-astronomy-cap-3-red-LEDs-Replaceable-battery-/381434791243?hash=item58cf49054b:g:ZiQAAOSwo6lWGoYk It's basically just a baseball cap with a red light in it, but it's cheaper than a red LED head torch...
  2. Wow thats unfortunate. Between this thread and the neighbours lights thread I'm feeling almost blessed with my own back yard - best of luck wookie, hope you get it sorted
  3. I have tlao, but i can't read it in the dark so I'm not sure how best to proceed with it. Do i pick an object or two and try and memorise their location before i start observing? Top tip, i will try the dew shield. I also had an unintended observation last night - i was looking at a star near andromeda, i think it was alpheratz, really concentrating and trying to get the best focus, when suddenly a plane flew right across my fov - It was huge, it filled the whole eyepiece and went whooshing past, actually made me jump!
  4. Thanks for your replies I set up on the patio as its solid ground, its darker toward the back of the garden (and more shielded from the neighbours lights) but id be setting up on grass so it might introduce wobble. So it won't do any harm wiping the top of the finderscope if it gets too dewy? I will be upgrading it but it won't be anytime soon, been a tough month between the mot and the new scope (my original budget for a starter scope was about £60, whoopsie) I'm also interested in anything else to look out for, if you have your own favourites id be happy to hear them. And y
  5. Hello all! I'm very new to astronomy, having lots of fun so far - even though I've mostly just been spinning the telescope around without much purpose, it has been really cool. I did manage to find and split Epsilon Lyrae, and I'm getting slowly acquainted with the constellations. I haven't posted much but I have been reading / absorbing while quietly doing my thing Last night, my finderscope was absolutely useless. It's the stock x50 that came with my skyliner 200p, I checked that it was aligned before I started but in no time at all everything felt blurry and out of focus when look
  6. Thank you all for the very warm welcome, I think I'm going to like it here
  7. Hello all! I've decided to have a go at this astronomy thing so I thought I'd sign up and introduce myself. I've just picked up a 'discovery channel' 40mm telescope from Argos and I was wondering, when is the best time of night to see Voyager 1 & 2? ... Just kidding! I've actually just bought a skyliner 200p, picked it up yesterday I've also got a cheshire, a Seben 2x barlow and a Meade 4000 15mm EP to go with the stock 25mm and 10mm. Of course it was raining when I got it all home last night, but I had a good go with it this evening - loads of fun and clear skies to boot. Wish
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