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  1. odiferous02

    Hi all

    I'm also new on this forum and I love it here! Enjoy!
  2. odiferous02

    Hi all!

    nice set up! welcome to the forum!
  3. A very good refresher, for someone who is (once again) stepping out under the night sky like me. I have an old reflector which was good for viewing planets.
  4. Hey guys, I was using the search function when I found the thread. Sorry I did not realise how old it was before I posted. Ill check next time.
  5. B80 you mentioned the 8x6 shed that you were looking at in your post. Did you ever use that? The reason I ask is that you can pick them up for £240 and they have a pretty good review according to http://whatshed.co.uk/8-x-6-shed where it comes in at number two. The full review says it's got 28mm x 28mm standard framing, will this be pretty sturdy with a retracting roof? From reading the thread it seems a good budget option over paying £1,500 for a more tailored version. I am on a bot of a budget so I am just trying to work out if its better to wait a few extra months and pay more or go fo
  6. Hi, I'm interested in buying a XL version (5.2mm or 7mm) Pentax XW. Must be in optically good condition. If you have one of the above available for sale please pm me, ideally with photos please. Thanks. Tony
  7. I would go for a custom build. This way you can ensure that they reinforce the wall joists so the roof is stable when retracted.
  8. Thats pretty interesting Neil, are you just using a normal shed with a custom roof or are they making it 100% from scratch?
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