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  1. How do you aim it so well? is there a trick i'm missing? T
  2. Hi All, Got my hands on a Star Adventurer a while back and have only used it a handfull of times. Loving it so far! I want to use my modded canon camera but i dont have any lenses for it (other than stock 18-50mm) and would prefer a small scope on it. Can anyone recommend a relatively cheap (£80-£120) compact telescope i can use for this as a portable solution. I have seen the Orion CT80 which fits price range but has a 1.25" focuser. can i still use this for astrophotography(can i buy a new focuser)? i accept that the quality may not be amazing! but this is just a portable 'pick up and go' kit for when im on weekends away and dont want to carry 30KG worth of equipment around : ) Thanks, T
  3. Hi All, i have finally decided to get the Star adventurer, it has been delivered and is waiting for me to get home and open it up ? Any advice for a first time user of this amazing product? Thanks, Tony
  4. i usually work around 800 - 1600 depending on what i'm targeting. i just had my canon modified and took it out last night for a quick session at M42, ill post a single sub on here soon. i'm still a newbie at this aswell T Edit: Uploaded single sub iso 800 2 min exposure blur at bottom was a tree that got in the way >.<
  5. Looking good Not sure if its just my eyes but focus looks slightly off? do you use a bahtinov mask or live view focus? I would also consider upping the ISO rating to get a little more colour and detail, as can all be dealt with post processing Thanks, T
  6. Hi Guys! I have my camera back now from being modded, I went for the Rear filter mod and am very much looking forward to tomorrow night and Saturday when I can test this out as there should be some nice clear sky's! DSO's on my list to tackle are: Resette Nebula Cone nebula Andromeda Galaxy (again) Horse Head nebula M42 looking forward to a good couple nights of AstroPhotographing! Thanks, Tony
  7. Thanks for the info guys! i have sent mine off to get the Filter removed. not confident in doing it myself. also purchased a Astronomik CLS CCD Filter Clip Filter for Canon EOS APS-C: which should get to me around the same tim ei get my camera back. looking forward to what i can achieve with these. Thanks, Tony
  8. Hi Guys, I know this has been asked so many times. i am doing a bit of research and i want to get a few more experienced opinions on this subject. I currently have a Canon 1300D which has not been modified at all. i want to get a bit more involved with Ha shots so i know i need to modify my camera for this, but what i dont know is wether to just get the normal Ha filter mod or the Full spectrum mod. This camera is purely used for Astro Photography, i have a Nikon for normal day to day photography, so my canon will not ever have a lens on it. i look to get a LPS-V4-EOS filter plus a Astronomik H-Alpha CCD 12nm filter once it has been modified. My question would be, what would benefit me most in the long run? the filter removal or the full spectrum? Thanks, Tony
  9. Thanks, I'll have to look at that option when I next set it all up. I'll let you know when I try it next time! Thanks, T
  10. Hi All, Just looking for some advice on using PHD2. i have it installed on a raspberry pi 3 using the astroberry build. i have an Orion 50mm guide scope and a ZWO ASI 120MC-S USB 3.0 Colour Camera for my guide camera, but every time i go to use it it never tracks. It doesn't calibrate when i start it even though i have set it up the best i know how too (looking online and youtube videos). does anyone have this same setup? not necessarily the astroberry but linux based os with orion guide scope and ZWO ASI 120MC-S USB 3.0 Colour Camera. i really want to get this working so i can get some better shots. will happily answer any questions i can. also in PHD2: camera is ZWO ASI 120MC-S USB 3.0 Colour Camera Mount is set to on camera. i have the ST cable from camera plugged in to autoguide port on my EQ3 pro syn scan control board. (not handset) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, T
  11. Hi All, Taken last night 7 x 80 Second exposure's. Really happy with this Thanks, T
  12. Thank you Really happy with my Andromeda, first go at it and luckily my Mount behaved (after a bit of fighting with it!) and aligned almost perfectly! M42 as just a couple of shots the i didn't actually think would show anything! so very happy with that for only 2 shots. I don't use flats. TBH i have no idea what that means. i thaik i need to do some reading up on a lot of AP things. I'm still learning a lot at the moment so i had a couple hour window and it took me most of that time just setting up/getting aligned and working. I have a guide setup but haunt had a chance to really practice how to use it. in wales from Thursday over Christmas so will hopefully get a few clear nights there and get some more shots in Thanks, T
  13. Hi All, First ever attempt of M31 last night. 8 x 70 second shots. processed in PhotShop. Also, M42 very quick 2 x 70 sec shots, and cropped. edited in PhotoShop. Comments welcome Thanks, T
  14. Hi Louise, I have mine on top of my wardrobe packed in a bag with my scope (130 pds) and to be honest, it is quite heavy. I could carry it on my shoulder for quite a while but I wouldn't ever ask my wife to get it down and carry it for me. Weighs around 28+kg in all. If you carry the counter weights in a separate bag and only carry a DSLR instead of a OTA then shouldn't be that bad I guess? It's the only mount I have ever owned so I have nothing to compare it with but in my opinion I wouldn't class it as a grab and go mount. Others may disagree. Hope this helps. T
  15. Thanks Wim, As far as I know all cables were in? I'll set it up again in a week's time and I'll try again. Just a really silly question.. What's the difference between st4 and pulse Guiding? Thanks, T
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