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  1. Curious to know if Ubuntu Astronomy still gets support and if anyone has installed the operating system permanently on their laptop either running alongside another os or as the primary os?
  2. Hi everyone. I'm currently running Linux on my laptop and just wanted to know the best stacking software is for an amateur to use. I tried installing registax with wine but it didn't work. I've tried out PIPP and didn't really get on with it. So far the only one I've gotten my head around is Siril by free astro. Would like to know what other software there is that works well on linux that is good for amateurs who have just started playing around with this.
  3. I haven't made a persistent one no, only made it to see if it is any good before considering a partition on the laptops harddrive as I hate windows. Linux mint is great I'm running 18.2 (Sonya) cinnamon desktop and highly recommend it. https://www.pendrivelinux.com/ is a useful tool for making reliable persistent storage on a bootable USB stick
  4. Did wonder why I have been having trouble downloading it! Already made myself a live dvd of the Ubuntu Astronomy so I think I will just focus on testing that. Shame, would of been nice to have options and I did like the idea of the Nightvision mode.
  5. Basically trying to decide between these two operating systems, obviously I will comparing them myself. Just looking for pros, cons of existing users...
  6. Just thought I would leave some feedback on this..... First off, it worked!!! I thought I'd leave some steps on how I did it to help the next person. 1) click on the link and download the file that James posted. 2) next right click on the file, go to properties and make sure "Allow executing file as program" is checked 3) open your terminal and type the following: cd /home/user/downloads chmod +x AltairCapture.x64.run ./AltairCapture.x64.run 4) after this an Altair Capture icon should appear on your desktop.... Once again many thanks to James.
  7. Thanks James ? I'll look into it. I appreciate that
  8. Hi all, Not sure I'm in the right place or not but I was hoping someone could help... I have an Altair Astro GPCamV2 and the box tells you to get the software from http://cameras.altairastro.com/ and that it will only work with Windows! I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this type of cam working on a Linux os before and what the steps were for doing so. (Other software that will work, terminal commands for the drivers etc.) thank you in advance ?
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