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  1. Just want to say thanks to everyone for your replies. I opted for the 200P Dobsonian in the end and Wow, its just what I wanted. Great views of the moon and tonight I saw Andromeda for the very first time - OK it's just a blurry smudge, but it's Andromeda and that counts. So thanks again all, great advice!
  2. Hi all, Thank you for your great advice. I am now looking at the 200P, I'll do a bit more reading then take the plunge. My viewing cirmcumstances are good, I don't really need to lift it far as at night my location gets pretty dark, there's not a lot of light pollution. I'm not adverse to driving/carrying to more remote location either. I have the Norman Lockyer observatory close by and have had a chat with them and other visitors a few times which has helped. Also thanks for advice on the extras, some things I have (outside clothing, red torch) but the eye patch seems like good advice too. Cheers all!
  3. Hi all, So there's probably thousands of posts like this on this forum, but everyone's circumstances are different so I hope somebody I can help. I'm simply looking for my first telescope, I'm fairly certain I'd like a reflector and my budget is about £300. My main desire is to get close up views (not necessarily photographs) of the moon, closer views of nearby planets and possibly the odd galaxy. I don't think I want it motorised just yet, that's perhaps for upgrades later or telescope 2. I have my eye on the SkyWatcher range, mainly the 130, 130P, are these good scopes? Fundamentally, what's the difference with the 130P over the 130? The 130 seems to come with more magnification ("x36, x72, x90, x180") over the 130P ("x26 & x65"). More importantly though really, what other gear would I need to buy to be sensible and not be stuck needing to order a week down the line? i.e. Collimation tool, filters, etc. I apologise if this seems a little simple and similar questions have been answered before, I am a beginner, but I'll catch up eventually. Thanks
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