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  1. Thanks for your reply Steve! I'm using the app called PS Align, but I also have the SA Mini's app, both are the same really. Tripod wise, I purchased the Star Adventurer's own tripod, it's pretty sturdy, could be more sturdier if I wouldn't have to extend it for aligning (I will try without extending it, but...). The adapter you mentioned would be a nice improvement. Could you suggest one? Basically I already have the declination unit + a ball head + my DSLR + lens attached before polar alignment, because I have an extender for the illuminator, which falls off all the time like you said So after the alignment, I only have to do the focusing, and pointing the camera to the right direction (these of course can ruin the alignment, but I try to be careful). What I can try to improve: - weight down the tripod somehow - place it on sturdier ground, without extension - try the counterweight As you suggested I decided to work my way up from my widest lenses, and I will try to achieve maximum exposure times, and hopefully I will learn everything possible until I start to use the really long lenses (which I can't wait... damn And for the longer lenses I will need a finder scope because it was a complete cabaret for the first time when I tried to point my tele lens in the right direction. I just don't know if I should try to attach a finder scope for my camera's hot shoe adapter, or to the other side of the declination unit (and how...) Best regards, Árpád
  2. I am in Hungary. I guess there are 2 bigger webshops who are selling items like these, but didn't see the hot shoe red dot adapter so far... Well that's what you have Ebay and Aliexpress for. I just have to decide (with your help) which way to go
  3. Hi! Last week I received my Star Adventurer, and I'm learning how to use it. I had no issues aroud 0 - 80mm, but yesterday I was out trying to take pictures with my 200mm Takumar (300mm on my DX body), and I was struggling to point it towards my target (Andromeda). I know where it is, I could see it with my own eyes, yet, I wasn't able to point my lens towards, only after like 40 minutes... :/ I don't know how others do it, so any advice would be appreciated! What I was thinking about: 1. hot shoe adapter + phone holder + phone / tablet with stellarium, so I would see in the app where my lens pointing (adds weight) 2. some kind of hot shoe adapter + a reflex sight 3. some kind of hot shoe adapter + a green laser pointer 4. a small scope, maybe a finder scope attached to the other end of the declination unit 5. maybe it's overkill, but is it possible to make the Star Adventurer GoTo somehow? Thanks in advance!
  4. I also received my Star Adventurer. I've only tried it 2 times yet, once with a 18-55 kit lens at 55mm (82 in reality), I was able to take 3 minute exposures with minimal error (bad polar alignment / tripod kick / resonance). The second time I was using my 200mm Takumar (300mm on my D5500) and the max length I was able to take was 30 secs without trailing. At 1 minute there was significant trailing / resonance / moving or something else. I have the declanation unit, a ball head, my camera, a battery grip, and the lens attached, this is around 2 kgs. Should I use the counterweight? What else could be the problem? The tripod was leveled, and polar alignment was good (I'm using an app to align).
  5. Thank you very much Steve! It seems the majority of the people I've asked votes for the SA, so then it must be better. It's not easy to decide without any experience, but I'm really glad that I've signed up to this forum!
  6. Thank you very much bobro! Experienced replies sure help!
  7. Oh well, I would swear that an EQ-3 must be better, but... You say Star Adventurer. Thanks for all the replies so far!
  8. Thanks for the reply Galen Gilmore! I think that the EQ3 is a bit better in terms of tracking, but it's heavier, and needs an external battery + a laptop for the EQMOD. Hiking up a few hundred meters looking for dark skies for some nice milky way shots with all that stuff is not that fun... This is my only concern against the EQ3. I will also use it from my backyard with some longer lenses, like 100-200mm. For that, the EQ3 would be better I guess. Tough decision with no experience... :/
  9. Hi! I'm planning to buy my first mount, a Skywatcher Star Adventurer, mainly for wide field shots, with portability in mind! This would be a stepping stone for better mounts later. I was looking around on the used market, when someone approached me with a self designed and built (H)EQ3 mount for sale: - controlled with EQMOD - GOTO - NEMA 17 0.9° stepping motor - 3D printed electronic box and motor sockets - Bluetooth - Guiding port Picture attached of the EQ3. I have no experience with mounts like these. The seller says it is accurate up to 400mm with a DSLR+lens combination, and it's portable, but I don't know how heavy it is. I can sacrifice some portability, if it's way better than a Star Adventurer in terms of pure tracking and performance. Is it? Thanks in advance!
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