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  1. @Louis D sir, i got the counterweights today . please tell me now how to proceed? my current location is in bangalore, india. what to do next?
  2. @Louis D any suggestions ?? what should i look at next, what do u think will be good to look at through it next? and how will nebulae look , how to knw iam looking at the right thing? @Dave In Vermont thnx alot dave, yea i hope to see the universe from a different perspective . @Stu the mount is stable i guess (using in alt-AZ config), though i have to make sure each time that iam not touching the scope as it produces those irritating vibrations which takes about 20 sec to go away and so does the object in sight . ... PS: guys, pls tell about the digital eyepiece and the webcam idea... which is better? and/or a high powered eyepiece ?? which will yield the best result for clear planets and better zoom capabilities ? thnx again, you guys keep me enthusiastic.
  3. @Louis D @Dave In Vermont @Cosmic Geoff @domstar @John @Stu @Ricochet Finally!!!!!!!! after a long time. had clear sky last night, so i assembled my setup as soon as possible . and although the orbit of moon is pretty shy these days from here, i was lucky to get an hour or so of decent seeing of the moon. and i was BLOWN AWAY by the brightness and clarity at first glance!!!! i had a 25mm kelner extra wide field , a 17mm kelner and a 12mm normal eyepiece , plus the two i got with my celestron 40 ( 9mm and 25mm) , along with 2x 3x and 4x barlow. so i started playing around, and for the first time use, i would say "MONEY WELL SPENT" . suddenly i noticed a star in the background to the right of the moon, and so i put on the high power eyepiece, to my amusement IT WAS SATURN !!!!!! .. i was able to see one of its moon along with the ring structure which i could easily make out . it was a breathtaking moment for me. sadly my cellphone and camera were already dead from the shots i was taking of the moon so i could not shoot it. but what an experience !! PS: i realized that i need better quality high power eyepiece i guess to get a better and clearer image , or should i go with a digital eyepiece or make a diy webcam eyepiece.. i would love to here what you guys have to say... journey begins . here are some of the shots i took with afocal photography using the eyepiece i have mentioned and a LG K10 smartphone. the editing is poor as i used basic cellphone editing functions.. any suggestions there are also welcome .
  4. hello experts i have a little confusion. i just took my telescope on my roof to observe the sun. i have a badder solar filter (not the full aperture one, but the one which has a small circular film at one side) and i'am able to see the sun properly with it when i place it in front of my eyes. but as soon as i put it on my 8" OTA, after adjusting and aligning , all i can see is that thin film brighten up. as in it is dark throughout the time iam adjusting the telescope to align with the sun and i guessed it is brightening up only because it is aligned . the thing is , i cannot see anything more than that!! except the bright film, but no sun in it. what am i doing wrong?? if i try to adjust again, the film goes dark again. :'( @Louis D @Dave In Vermont @Cosmic Geoff 2. when i place a white paper in front of my eyepiece holder (without the eyepiece), why am i getting a partially eclipsed image?
  5. @Cosmic Geoff @Dave In Vermont @Louis D ? OMG!!! I get what you guys are talking about. But that was some elaborate explaining done by dave there. Gave me chills. I will check out the local law and see what I can do. Thnx again guys . Always at my rescue . PS: is there any way to attach my celestron 40az to my OTA . its just laying around and i have a shortage of space. And is there any other use for it as in with supplement to my new telescope somehow? Any reply is always appreciated
  6. thanx @Louis D , i will do as u said, and try to align the finder with my telescope. well green laser is just "way cooler" than our usual refractor finders. plus it makes me feel like i have a light saber attached to my telescope so makes it much more fun tis way. what i thought was , putting a laser on to the OTA will remove my efforts of bending and looking through the small scope, rather i can comfortably see a green line running in the night sky towards the object i want to point it at, so just a bit of dedicated and precise alignment and i guess iam set. iam also trying to get a decent finder as @Dave In Vermont suggested, but i broke my wallet with this set up so i think i have to wait for a while before i get enough $$$$ to buy anything else. and about the LAW regarding laser here in india, well as sad it may sound , but police here actually do not care at all about these issues. basically because there is nothing for them to gain ( or earn ). plus air traffic in my area is not that much . so if you experts feel that a green laser will do the job, all i have to do is pop in a pair of AAA+ in them and iam set.
  7. thanx alot @Dave In Vermont , i will keep updating the pics as i proceed . thnx for your reply
  8. all i understood was the counterweight part, which the provider will dispatch within few days. will ping you asa i get'em. meanwhile iam using my gym weight plates and it is set up as an alt-az mount config. its monsoon season here in india, so i think i need my luck to get a clear sky night, but still lets hope for the best
  9. thnx alot for your reply. the weight is not actually doing anything as it is not gonna move in that direction. but yea, i will let it be there. the metal bar u see is to move the scope around by holding on to it. yes i did get a finderscope with it (a small one though), you can see it in the previous pics. also i was thinking about replacing it witha green laser. what would you suggest i do?
  10. hey , i tried to modify it as suggested. here are the results, hope i did it right. iam able to rotate it in x and y axis. i hope that was the goal. . . i would love your inputs and suggestions . PS: what more do you think i should do? iam hyper excited thnx again for replying . @Louis D @John @domstar
  11. @Ricochet @Dave In Vermont got me a new one. hope its better than that 40AZ i consulted you about
  12. no sir, that is one i took out from a barbell that i had in my gym. i tried using it as a counterweight. and no, the mount is not equipped with slow tracking knobs. iam able to rotate the OTA , but i do not knw how to make it point where i want it to point. should i post more pics of my assembly for your reference? btw thnx for your post
  13. sir, first off thanx alot to reply so quickly. i was searching for the same thing u mentioned so thank. if iam correct , you are telling me the way to make my EQ mount into an ALT-AZ mount. though i did not get it completely . again, i knw from your end you tried to make it as simple as possible, but if u may, pls elaborate the steps. i will keep posting the pictures for your advice as well. hope u understand and neglect the stupid questions iam asking and help a newbie get started thnx again
  14. hey people, just got my new telescope delivered. its an 8 inch reflector with a weird looking EQ mount. iam having trouble setting up my telescope. also its hard to point at something, along with that, i see the image rotated at 200+ degrees, near to inversion. any help? how do i proceed? PS: any help with the setting circles would also be appreciated
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