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  1. Hi David, I know you have said "about 10 Amps" and I know from our previous discussions roughly how your kit and Obsy are laid out but to get the best 'bang for your buck' it is best to 'size' the UPS based on the exact power usage of all of your kit. UPS use two ratings, VA (Volt-Amperes) and Watts. See the simple 'cartoon' explanation at this sight (other sights are available ) http://upsselector.eaton.com/Load You will see on that same page a calculator that you can use once you know the details of each piece of equipment you want to run off of the UPS. As all your kit is down in your Obsy, you might want to print the UPS 'sizing' sheet out from this link https://powerquality.eaton.com/thoughtleadership/choosing-ups/size-a-ups.asp to assist taking notes whilst in there and then go back to the house and enter all that in online or do the calcs yourself on the paper. Are you only wanting to run the kit in the Obsy on the UPS and not your 'main' PC back in the house as well? As Lonestar70 said, "A lot depends on how much run time you require in the event of a power cut" as this will also be one of the main factors that will affect the cost of the UPS. Hope that helps for now. Rgds, Chris.
  2. Stroller

    Hello to All.

    Hi Wookie. Many thanks for that. Much appreciated. :-) Rgds, Chris
  3. Stroller

    Hello to All.

    Hi Pete, Many thanks for your welcome. Much appreciated. :-) Rgds, Chris.
  4. Hi Mike, Glad you got it all going. Sorry not to have replied to your query earlier than this, I was out at a customers site all day yesterday and didn't get home until late so never went online to SGL until now. Rgds. Chris.
  5. Don't know if you use Amazon or Evil Bay, Dave but this link shows you the type of thing to look at from wherever you prefer to buy your IT hardware. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00A128S24?tag=amz-mkt-ie-uk-21&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-org00-def00-dsk00-nomod-uk000-pcomp-feature-pcomp-wm-2-wm-3-wm-1-wl-askundefined&ref=bit_pcomp_ask Again, a Google search for a 4 port Gigabit switch or how ever many ports you prefer will offer you up lots of choices. Chris.
  6. Dave, I saw you said earlier.... Apart from the Obs PC, what else might you have hanging of the network in the Obs. I would suggest if there is nothing else, that you are not to quick to say that you don't want that to NOT be able to connect to the internet as surely you will want to do system and other software updates on that machine?
  7. Dave, Your BT Hub is the Router (won't go into any more technicalities than that). As Ray said here, a 4 Port Gigabit switch between your PC and the outside will do the job to connect them together. This is a switch. (happens to be a 5 port but that doesn't matter for now) It takes networks cables from a number of 'network enabled devices' and allows tem to all 'talk' to each other. Question. I take it that your indoor PC is connected to the internet? At this point, Ray already came back with basically the same thing LOL. Agreed Ray, was also trying to keep it simple. And you beat me to it both times Hahaha
  8. Dave, Forgot to ask, is the CAT6 already in the trench? If so, I take it that the house end is already 'into' somewhere in the house and again, if that is coming in from the back of the house and that your BT Router is by the front door I think you said earlier? If the answer to all of that is yes, then as per my PM, you could use a couple of PowerLine plugs to make the leap from that CAT6 entry point to the Router without trailing wires through the house.
  9. Totally agree. I do all of that and more sometimes from my own office and the house and visitor networks. I think that Dave @Skipper Billy may have signed out for now. Hopefully he has enough for the moment to help him but I am more than happy to carry on helping him get it sorted whenever he comes back to this post, Ray. I'm going to knock it on the head for now and go a watch a bit of TV before bed. Up early to travel north for work stuff. Cheers for now. Chris.
  10. Guys, I don't mind which way Billy ends up doing it. Merits in both and both can be done anyway. I'm only thinking what is the quickest and most simplest way for Billy to do it and see results right now (I'm guessing that he would like to see immediate results). Then do a follow up in slow time to do either way or both. :-)
  11. I don't use a BT hub, too restrictive I've heard. And yes, I don't trust any Firewall in a Router, especially BT and them also having a 'Open' Wireless Hotspot in them. Totally agree iapa, I use a Watchguard Firewall straight after the Router and before my Switch. Billy, as RayD says most simple way for you at themoment is to set your preferred Adress in your network settings a the Obs PC. Instead of having this: Select these buttons and enter your in-house network details, similar to what is shown here:
  12. As RayD said, CAT6 House end into either a switch if you have one or your Router if it has spare sockets. Other end at the Obs into the remote PC there. Either way, in the Switch or the Router, reserve/permanently assign an IP address to the Remote PC and you should be away. BTW just turn of/disconnect the WiFi at the Obs if you don't want it on. Rgds, Chris
  13. Billy, In your opening post you said that you already have a CAT 6 cable running into the Obs. What do you have connected on the end of that CAT 6?
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