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  1. My 8" dob is called "The Little Beast" and Mum's 12" dob is "The Big Beast"!
  2. No Steve, I didn't get to. What was it like? Was it one you would recommend?
  3. Lots of clear skies, but far too much light pol from the front, and dads obs out the back. lol It's not looking good for the near future.
  4. :cool:Just a thread to say thank you to some people for making my stay at Lucksall as good as it was: The Thing, for helping keep me and my friend Dylan entertained, for our warhammer 40k models, and adding your experience into the mix. Michigoose and Michigander, for all your help in advancing our knowledge of the night sky. ps. The Pass Pass was delicious! Mark, for the game of chess. albedo 0.39, for being a great friend and giving us the magic spray. Also, thank you for your help in the form of the collimation workshop. Thank you Mum and Dad, for taking us to such a great place for such a great time. Finally, thank you anyone I have missed.
  5. That's some interesting data there, I've only managed four of the six, but it's a start! Would you know how high mag you need to get all six?
  6. :)As all of you who went will know, Lucksall StarParty was brilliant! We got at least 2 good nights and I claimed 4 Ms in 1 night! It was a good turn out if you ask me, and I met a lot of SGs that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. All in all: brilliant!
  7. Good on you Patrick, for another year!
  8. Yep, I've got a special booklet for just that! p.s. How's the 12-incher coming?
  9. Oh, yes they are. What a night indeed!
  10. We have had two great nights here in Dilton Marsh this weekend, and we got to see quite a bit! First of all, we looked at Mizar and Alcor, a double double. Suprisingly, for me anyhow, my little eight-incher and 25mm EP managed to split the double double into it's componant four stars. There were also lots of stars in the background, making it look like a cluster. I wonder if any of you have noticed that? Staying in Ursa Major, mum showed me M108, an edge-on spiral galaxy. I could see a faint smudge that got brighter when I used AV (Averted Vision). Next, I pointed the scope at the pleiades. Disaster! The dog had knocked the RDF and it was out of alignment. So a quick re-alignment on mars (and a good look of course!) and we were back to the Pleiades/M45. Very beautiful. We had to move the eight-incher around to see the whole thing! Then on to the double cluster in Perseus. We could see the two clusters in the EP at the same time, but what a veiw! Our penultimate object was M44/Praespe/The Beehive Cluster. Suprisingly faint on such a good night. Finally, The Leo Triplet! What a sight! We could only see the twin M65 and M66, but it was as stunning as ever! All in all, a summary? Two words: Didn't Disapoint.
  11. Here is a simulation of an iridium flare. File:Flare Simulation.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. :hello2:Between Saturday 13th Feb and Saturday 20th Feb, dobserver, Dark Knight and myself went on holiday to AstroAdventures nr. Bude, as some of you may know from dobserver's thread. Whilst there, we enjoyed 2 fairly clear skies and one completely clear sky. Me and mum grabbed the 20" dob whilst dad tackled the 8" motorised scope. Whilst there, I claimed M81, M82 (Bode's nebulae) and M106. We also saw Mars, M42, M45, M51 and much, much more!
  13. Goodn too, I had the pleasure of getting to use it on my scope and it gave an extremely good image!But, I digress.
  14. Yo CopperKnickers! Welcome to the forum, whatever your question, someones got an answer! Reece
  15. Nice one mum!! Now I know how you knew where to point the 'scope to find all those things on friday 18th Feb 2010. Remember how the next day I found M106 on my own? First time.
  16. Thanks guys for an excellent start to my astronomical career!
  17. Sorry, I typed it in word and forgot to change the colour of the text!
  18. Cheers guys! A Wixie is a scope mounted device which tells you the Altitude your scope is at! Clever eh?
  19. Thank you all for your welcomes! I wish you all fair skies and new moons! (Or for moon enthusiasts, full moons!) ;-)
  20. Got my first light with my new 8” ‘scope on the 17th January 2010. It was fairly stiff, as it was an ex-display ‘scope. Dad (dark knight) tried to fix this by adding some milk bottle washers to the Teflon washer on the central screw. This made it looser, but it now wobbles on its stand. Dad intends to try to fix this problem with some old record, but if this fails, I’m going to get a Lazy Suzan. I also intend to get a Wixie, as this will make the DSOs easier to spot. The first object I saw was M45, or the Pleiades. Very pretty through my 10mm EP. I got 5 of the 7 main stars in the EP, very pretty, very big with a large mag. On to Bode’s Nebulae, M81 face on, + M82 edge on, both pretty spiral galaxies. M81 is a luminous swirl, whilst M82 is a glowing cigar-shaped smudge. Quick change to my 25mm, and we’re on to the Great Andromeda Nebula! Very beautiful! A small, high-level cloud stopped us from seeing M32 and M101, hardly surprising really! M103 next, and what was there? Not much! The three stars making up the triangle were clear, but not much else really! In fact, I was rather disappointed with this one, boohoo! Lastly, but not least, M52! Lots and lots of sharp, crisp, perfectly focused stars like a vast interstellar pincushion after the pins have been pulled out and all that’s left is the holes! That’s all from my first light, as I had school the next day and had to go to bed, boohoo, boohoo! Still, can’t wait for the next time!
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