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    Stargazing is my passion. My dad loved it, and picked up the interest by the night sky itself.
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  1. Atlantean98


    Star Clusters
  2. Thank you for the welcome Carastro, and yup, the light pollution is extremely bad here, we literally have Heathrow around 8 miles away, and Wembley Stadium too only down the road. Thank you for the welcome Phillip G! And wow, that must have been amazing to see! To my knowledge I haven't seen a conjunction of planets, I will need to look into this and make a plan for the next one (hopefully if the skies are clear that evening/night/morning... Thank you for the welcome Barkis, indeed light pollution is the bane of us Amateur Astronomers But, we do find our ways, though! And thanks for the info about the Star Party event! I will definitely keep it in mind, just need to see if I have any plans during the October period... Dave In Vermont and Pete Presland, thank you for the warm welcomes!
  3. Thank you all I will see you around the forums and will post any pictures I take of the heavens above!
  4. Atlantean98

    Hello SGL :D

    Hi all from Stargazers Lounge! I started a few weeks back but I should have introduced myself! My name is Jordan and I'm from Harrow, London. I like to go out with my telescope to the nearest nature reserve and admire the heavens above My area is very light polluted because of Central London and places around it, but, it's not all bad and I get some amazing nights here! I can just see Andromeda Galaxy in a fuzzy manner, and I can definitely say over 200+ visible stars in the sky at night I'm just a normal person otherwise that gets on with life, but my passion for astronomy is never-ending so I must say I love it. I'm a beginner I'd say, got a basic 70az Celestron Powerseeker (I know it's bad, but I'm on a tight budget right now ), it gives me everything I need right now and I recently got a Canon EOS 1300D, which is absolutely stunning. I've been into astronomy ever since I can remember (18 now, going to be 19 next month), but only gotten into it properly two-three years back. How are you guys? And what's the last thing you observed? Have a good day all, and hope to hear back!?
  5. I also live in a light polluted area too, from Far North-west London. Although I get quite dark skies in certain areas like my closest nature reserve, the light pollution is a massive problem... barely just about see Andromeda if I squint my eyes, and slightly better with side vision. My Canon 1300D gets very sharp images of stars and can see more than the naked eye, but of course, long-ish exposures and low ISO of around 200-1600 will capture many more than your naked eye ever will (unless you are In a pure dark sky, even so, still applies to that too). All I can say is work with what you got, i cannot see Polaris myself, but as Red Dwarfer suggested, look into getting a light pollution filter for your scope ?
  6. Atlantean98

    Wide-Angle Shots

    My camera or the locations are not necessarily that great, but i can get some decent images, especially for North-West London!
  7. Atlantean98


    This album is where i'll just put pictures I've taken of planets, really...
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