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  1. Hi my one of my cone pices the plastic is for the viewing bit at the back (polar view cap I think) and the the metal on is for the weight balance bar at the top. Hope this helps Topaz
  2. Hi I'v found the places they go thanks for all your help so far. I say so far as I havent even looked out of it yet
  3. OK I will do that as soon as I can hopefully tomorrow thanks to every one for your help
  4. Hi I think i'v got it. It looks very impresive in the middle of my front room and i guess i wont really be able to tell untill we have some clear skies, but I do have some extra bits ??? an extra mount and some cone shaped things one metel that has a thred and a plastic one but im guessing that one is a cap for some thing but i cant find a place for either and cant find any mention of them in the book so im not sure
  5. Hi thanks for your help I got confused with the diffrent types of mount thats what I get for reading instructions be asured this will be the first of many stupid questions thanks again Topaz
  6. Hi I was so excited today my Skywatcher Explorer-150P EQ3-2 at 4:30 pm arrived!!!!! So much unlike me I followed the instructions VERY carefully and I found that the bracket that joins the stand and the scope together is missing, so I can't even get the scope out of the box. Just hoping for a bracket and clear skies hopefully in that order.
  7. Springer88


    Hi thankyou for all your welcomes and advice it has put my mine at rest and i think i will order tomorrow the deal i have found is from Harpers Photographic many thanks Topaz
  8. Springer88


    Hi I'm new live in hampshire and have decided to buy a scope as I love looking at the night sky. I have what I can only describe as a child scope (I think I got given it). After some reserch I think I would like a Skywatcher Explorer-150P (EQ3-2) Telescope (912/448). The first question I would like to ask is is to heavy to move from place to place? And secondly I have found it for £230 does this deal have evey thing I need to get started as I think I understand the basics but not alot else. Sorry for the long post and thankyou for any help. Topaz Product Details EXPLORER-150P (EQ3-2)150MM (6") F/750 Parabolic Newtonian Reflector SPECIFICATIONS;- TelescopeMagnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x30, x60, x75, x150 Highest Practical Power (potential):x300 Diameter of Primary Mirror: 150mm Telescope Focal Length: 750mm (f/5) Tube assembly available separately Supplied complete with 10mm & 25mm eyepieces 6x30 finderscope x2 Barlow lens 1.25" (with camera adaptor) Parabolic Primary Mirror 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports Direct SLR Camera Connection EQ3-2 Deluxe Equatorial Mount Built in Polar Alignment Scope Holder Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray 33% more Light Gathering than 130mm Tube rings and dovetail mounting bar
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