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  1. Meteors weren't my main focus last night, but I did manage to see 2 good specimens.
  2. westmarch is right. Also, don't always go for the highest magnification. Sometimes, that just makes it blurry. try going for low magnification and just soaking in the detail (this is true for lunar and planetary, at least). Good luck!
  3. So fascinating the mysteries that are within the reach of a telescope!
  4. great shot! Are those KBO's that I see moving on about the same axis as Pluto? There's one midway between Pluto and the upper right-hand corner (1:00), and another nearer the top left corner.
  5. Thanks guys! Hopefully someone does something with it soon, it was so user friendly and easy to understand!
  6. Hey all! for a while now, iss.astroviewer.net has been giving me this when I visit: Does anyone know where it is now? Thanks in advance!
  7. I recommend a red dot finder. Mine is pretty cheap, but I find it reliable and easy to use. It stays aligned, but is easy to correct when needed. Good luck!
  8. enjoyed the read! Hopefully I can make it out tonight for a little observing myself.
  9. Happy Terrestrial Aphelion Day! Yep, today the earth is about 94.5 million miles from the sun :) 

    1. JohnSadlerAstro


      Well it's too hot here despite that! :D 

  10. This website can also be used to see the sky from your location: http://www.skymaponline.net/ I'm guessing that @carastro is right.
  11. You're probably right, Cornelius Varley. I tried importing the image into google images and came up with results similar to your answer. Personally, I think it would make a fine first scope!
  12. I've been wanting to see the sun set behind the mountains through the telescope for a while now, so this is one off the bucket list.
  13. Thanks, very cool! Gave me an an idea for a target tonight!
  14. Great shots, all! Loved to see them, and see what is possible with a smartphone!
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