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  1. Hi Ollie, Maybe you can use something like this near to where you would normally set your telescope up, It would be small enough to keep on the boundaries of your garden possibly between bushes or something so that it is not imposing your view of the garden. It will provide all year round protection from the elements and you could look at running a low voltage heater at times of the year time to keep moisture down and protect it all. both the top and the front open up for ease of access when the time is right. The cost for this is around £100.
  2. Hi Nebula, I've been looking at this myself and its a toss up on Explorer Scientific and Baader (between £50-£80), I've been caught buying cheap items before and it nearly ended my viewing career (as that's what it'll become). like you I can't afford the big prices at the moment so this mid range option is the better option, although I don't have either of these makes yet after reviewing both makes I'm still not sure which to get as it's a 50/50 split. TBH it will more than likely be the Baader. Would also appreciate from others the best (from personal experience) of the 2 as also new to this and still in the learning stages. Clear skies.
  3. Hi Vacuum, Quick question are you polar aligning using lens or ccd? If CCD, do you have SharpCap installled as this has a polar align tool (below) within the tools section of the program that a lot of people on the forum really recommend. I have not had the opportunity to use it yet though looking forwar too time and clear skies.
  4. I doubt it, due to the way the lenses have been constructed all you'll end up with is a blurred mess.
  5. The simplest of things, that I didn't even consider, worked first time many thanks.
  6. Hi All, I am getting started in Astrophotography and looking forward to getting started. I am having a slight issue though with APT (Demo version), background is I have downloaded all the ASCOM software to get going including EQASCOM, AltAir Capture, PHD2, SharpCap and Stellarium. I know I have only downloaded the demo version of APT buit wanted to see what it was like and have a play before purchasing the licence. The Issue is when I start up APT I am constantly getting messages stating the following 2 things:- "Cannot open Configuration File (APT.xml)" and "Cannot Open Configuration File (C:\Program Files(x86)\Astro Photography Tool-APT\APT.xml)" I wonder if I am doing anything wrong, i.e. Not opening certain programs in certain order or is there some actual issue with the software, could it also be that as I have not got the full license yet it just wont load up. I am running Windows 10 and have checked to make sure my Telescope (NexStar 6SE), both CCD cameras (AltAir Astro GPCAM2 IMX224 and GPCAMv2 AR0130) (one on Telescope for Imaging and one on AltAir 60mmGuide Scope are connected to the other programs. Would really like to have a play with it to see how well it performs (as stated on www.ideiki.com even with the demo version I should get up and running) and know that most people are going to say get the license and getting going. I have run compatibility mode as well and even through Windows 8 it still had the same issues. Any advice would be really helpful. Regards Chris
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