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  1. In hot humid conditions leave the scope outside long enough for the optics to warm up to ambient temperature. as previously mentioned a hair dry will speed things up.
  2. M42 Taken about 5 years ago genuine first DSO, ED80 with SPC900 webcam
  3. I have been imaging on and off for some time now but shift patterns combined with rubbish weather means each time I get set up it's like starting over again. I will post some images if I can find any.
  4. MikeSE19

    Belated Intro

    Hello to All, Sitting indoors listening to the wind howling around and taking in some of the post on SGL and I realised that I had not introduced myself. I have been trying to produce reasonable Astro images for about 5 years now. I have been doing "Normal" photography for many years and have always wanted a telescope to look at the night skies, I think watching the first moon landing live on TV might have had something to do with it. I was inspired to do something after a visit to the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles where I saw Saturn for the first time through the 300mm
  5. Try this link http://www.everything-about-concrete.com/concrete-mixing-ratios.html As Adams says 1:4 is fine. 1:3 is for things like garage forecourts.
  6. Its kept in the garage on a CTEK "intelligent charger".
  7. I started out with a Startravel 102 for visual. Chromatic Aberration leaves a lot to be desired so I wouldn't advise getting one for imaging. 130 pds best value for money option.
  8. I seem to remember from somewhere that batteries are not so efficient in the cold. Probably wrong but I'm not sure.
  9. I have just perchased an 80ah leisure battery with an Accubox. There is a fair amount of space around the battery as the box is quite a bit bigger. Would it be a good idea to pack the gap with polystyrene foam to keep the battery warm and extend the charge life or does this cause other problems? Thanks. Mike
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