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  1. Hi all, this link has all the pics and the videos of the mod https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1Q9Qcz4nCaXRTRwTW9fbllESzQ?usp=sharing
  2. Hi damian, yes, it is zebra wood , thank you
  3. here are some more pics : http://imgur.com/a/pvjiU comments and advice welcome
  4. Hey jim, me and a few others are going this time, but we intend to invite visual observers from around the world to Hanle in the near future and organize a one week observing session, it will happen soon enough, and i am looking forward to meeting all the members of SGL and also DSF . the mod got over (almost) in exactly a month, we had to do it as carrying a huge lightbridge is not a good idea.
  5. Hi Jim, i dont remember the name of the wood , but its actually a sheet of 4mm veneer , thankfully in Bangalore we can get any veneer we want, i will find out the name of the wood and get back asap, the place adarsha is referring to is Hanle and is one of the sites which was selected for the construction of the 30m telescope or TMT , currently the site hosts a 2.3m remotely controlled optical telescope and a gamma ray array, the seeing is considered one of the best in the world and we are hoping to do some good DSO hunting there, getting friction right is the last and the only problem on our list now. Thanks for your advice on the raised laminate, i will hunt for some nearby and hopefully will be able to get some .
  6. Hi all, This is the scope adarsha mentioned , i had hammered some teflon with nails, but that was causing problems so i removed them, the motion in alt is much smoother now, i am considering a high density car roof carpet material on the lower side, and locally available matt finish laminate on the alt bearings. has anyone tried this ? , also what about teflon on teflon, i have a huge sheet os 1/8" virgin teflon and will be able to readily use it.
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