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  1. It's a great start with the subject too. It has turned out well for a first attempt. Will they allow you Image of the Month in the mag. Will? :laughing2: Ron.
  2. That's not bad at all. Bit of light Pollution crept in, it is reflected off the trees. It should do very well piggy backed on a scope and guided for a longer exposure, and a LP Filter in place. Ron.
  3. When they do decide to go for it, and these minute bullets head for each other at all but light speed, who's to say they won't miss each other.? Are there so many that collision is inevitable, or are they channelled toward each other to ensure they collide.? I'm sure this question sums up my knowledge of particle accelerators. Ron.
  4. Thanks George, I may as well save a few quid and go the SS route. Ta mate. Ron. :salute:
  5. £35.10 + another £12 for a cable 5mtr. Then carriage of £4 SS Cheaper than that George.?
  6. A great piece of work that is. Mr Lukehurst is a craftsman, no doubt about it. Ron.
  7. Caramba! And we are moaning about a bad summer. That would give us a real reason to twine a bit, but not for long. Damned good simulation though. Ron. :shock:
  8. Is Shoestring Astronomy the only supplier for the EQDIR, or is there a UK supplier? Ron.
  9. You deserve a medal for bravery mate. Ron.
  10. Which Channel is it on Steve.? If it's a Sky one I'm snookered.
  11. Can't get the Cartoon Channel then? What with Sky, Freesat, and Freeview, there has to be summat else.
  12. Poor old Pluto, it sickens me that the re designated it, and perhaps it highly inclined orbit was the straw that did it, combined with it's diminutive size, which only became of relevance when the found those other lumps of coal. Size should not be considered. Anyway, how much further out from Pluto is it to the first bigger bit? Who coined the phrase Trans Neptunian anyway? Kuiper Belt Strays is a better term, and I am sure Pluto is too near the Solar System to be classed as one of those. Someone get the measuring tape out. Ron.
  13. barkis


    Hi. Titan. Welcome to SGL. Hope you enjoy your stay with us. You will find lots of help and advice should you need it. Regards the 120 ev refractor, I have no experience of that particular model, but I have owned a similar type, and enjoyed it to the full. The ev will no doubt give some nice views of a variety of objects, the major planets, the moon of course, double stars, and some of the deep sky stuff too. You will of course find the equatorial mount a bit different to operating the dobsonian, but you will soon adjust to it, and tracking is easier once you have the mount aligned to the pole. Enjoy the new instrument, and if you need anything, just ask. Ron.
  14. You forgot the "Linen Hanks" Mate Jeff. Not had them for years Jeff, just a pocketfull of toilet roll nowadays, usually with a drop of Olbas Oil sprinkled on. :laughing2:
  15. Looks good too Glenn. A very capable looking outfit, and you must be delighted to have such a nice setup. I'm sure we will see a lot more of what it produces in the near future, weather gods permitting of course. Ron.
  16. All I ever get is a bottle of Old Spice and a can of shaving Gel. And I have to make them last a year. Enjoy you wonderful gifts A-B., They are bound to bring quality to your observing. I think I greeted your birthday, but in case I didn't. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :salute: Ron.
  17. I sliced the cone every conceivable way Mike. I was bound to get it right. :laughing2: Ron
  18. An interesting Picture. Ron. (click to enlarge) Image taken from How To Make a Telescope by Jean Texereau.
  19. Someone on Astro Ads. UK is selling a 12" Dall Kirkham Mirror set for £175. He said the secondary wants re figured, but I would think he meant re coated. Ron.
  20. As far as I know the main mirror is an ellipsoid, and the secondary is a sphere. According to Texereau, the coma is 2 to six times as large as in the true Cassegrain. The quote also says that is not too serious an objection in a visual instrument, that is always of limited field width. The Spherical secondary was chosen because it was easier to test than the Hyperboloid. The Ellipsoidal Primary, is an under corrected Paraboloid. I have no knowledge of what corrections to either, or both mirrors, that would eliminate coma at the edge of the field. Perhaps a further correction towards a parabola, I don't know. At the end of the day, it's how it performs as an imaging system that tells the story. Ron.
  21. What about ic 1805 and ic 1848 The Heart and Soul Nebula's in Perseus Andrew. Pretty high up at about 60 degrees. I have no Idea how the DSLR will deal with them mind you, so perhaps one of our esteemed Imagers will give an opinion. Ron.
  22. Hi. Tom, welcome to SGL. :wave: I am pleased you adopted a sensible route into your astronomy. A six inch scope is a useful instrument, and will show quite a range of objects, and I'm sure you will soon teach yourself how to locate them. Best of luck, and any help or advice you may need, is here on SGL, all you have to do is ask. Ron.
  23. WHOOPIE! got it, Thanks to all for the help, it was down to Q/Time version being naughty. Dropped down to V7.3, and Wallah, jobs a goodun. Thanks Mike. Ron.
  24. Hello Rooster, welcome to the SGL family. Nice scope you have got there, it will do a good job for you. Don't hesitate with any questions, ask away. Ron.
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