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  1. Who owns the Dobs above Steve?
     reading from left to right.

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    2. barkis


      I'm simply a fan of large aperture scope Mike. Seeing them all lined
      up gives me Goose Pimples. Largest mirror I ever made was a 14", I did a 16", but never 
      got around to finishing it. It was a thin plate glass  blank anyway, so I wasn't too confident
      it would be a successful outcome.. I'm in the threshold of  Digital Imaging, and 
      the bill for that was large, so all the gear and no Idea is where we are at presently, but strides 
      have been made, and hopefully I'll get there.  Bottom line is, If it doesn't work out well, 
      I'll have a good sale, and go into  Big Dob Land myself. :biggrin:.
      Hope you and all the Big Eye guys have a Brill. 2018. :icon_salut:

    3. Beulah


      I love that pic. All of those dobs are beauts.

      My own 16" DIY truss Dobster is nearly finished...just got to apply the heatshrink tonight and tweak the alt bearings to lessen the stiffness and I am good to go...hopefully!

    4. swamp thing

      swamp thing

      Great stuff Sam, Hopefully see you out on the battlefield soon then ;) 

  2. Vulcan, I'm afraid your Ad. has been hidden until you agree to individually price your Items, and post Images too.
    the smaller items you speak of, can be priced as one lot, but still need itemising so the buyer knows what he/she is paying for.
    This is not a rule implemented just for you, it applies to all who want to sell on the forum
    I'm sorry If you feel it's a nuisance to you, but we need to be fair to everyone.
    Barkis GM Team.

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