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  1. I do keep a notebook. I have kept a journal of sorts for many years. It is now the repository of astronomical observations. I usually also spend some time making a list of objects to look at. I date this separate piece of paper, and write the weather conditions on it as well. This is easy to keep with me, and I keep the notebook on a music stand with a light attached to it so I can see it from a distance, and use the light to take notes as well. I'm looking into using android a lot more although this is going to run me into the battery life problem I'm sure. But it would be nic
  2. Hi ronin, I easily solved the "I can't feel for the button" problem: But that's an easy one. Dropping the connection all the time can't really be normal. Regarding SkySafari Pro versus Plus, have you run Pro on your phone and found it too much for your phone? Just wondering if you could elaborate on that. my next experiment involves aligning with the HC and then connecting with the android and try and find out which computer is actually running the show or whether or not android will be allowed to share control after that. I still use paper currently, but if I c
  3. I pulled this out of an observation report from last night. Just wondering if this is typical behavior or perhaps I'm doing something wrong. Would like to hear other's that have similar experiences and what they did to nail it down. Last night, 11/14/2017... I decided I’d force myself (one more evening of high tech disappointment) to continue slogging through the change over to the wifi module “sky portal” even though I’m not very happy with several buggy aspects of its use. 1. battery life for my android is a concern now and necessitates the bringing of my phone charger out to
  4. Greetings Wookie1965, Thank you sir for saying so! It was a nice evening! hi marsG76, I love getting good details in there, both to remember them better myself, once written twice remembered as they should probably say, and to help others in their search. Someday, when I have a nice 16 inch travel dob, I'll put the 8SE to the task of AP, but that's a ways off. I need a few things prior to that. Like a laptop for instance. Hi Astro Imp, Thanks! I love reading other's reports as well. Always learn something from them and pick up a few great objects to add
  5. Astronomical twilight ends 6:17pm Transparency: 4/5 to 5/5 (above average to transparent) Seeing: 1/5 (bad) to 2/5 (poor) Location: Fort Collins, CO Elevation: 4997 ft. (1523 m.) Bortle 6 to 7 skies depending upon which direction you're looking. Optics: Celestron Nexstar 8SE, Celestron Upclose G2 10x50 wide field binoculars, Eyepieces: Celestron kit 42° plössl: 32mm, 25mm, 17mm, 13mm, 8mm, 6mm, 2x Barlow | Svbony 62° aspheric: 23mm, 10mm Filters: Orion UltraBlock Narrowband Light Pollution Filter On the ClearDarkSky.com website (so sorry, only useful to the North A
  6. Hi Stu, I agree. It's why I keep things like M33 on the list. Along with the Helix nebula and various other objects which occasionally surprise me here in my backyard. I love taking notes because it really solidifies it in my mind as a memory and allows me to make my nightly comparisons quite effective at giving me a notion of how transparent it is. M110 succumbs to LP and only above average transparency will allow me to see it here in FOCO (as we often refer to it) even at nearly a mile of elevation. Also, M33 is in the northeastern section of sky and since I'm on the far southside
  7. Ha, I love camomile tea. I normally must stay away from caffeine after noon or no sleep for me without a sleeping pill!
  8. Greetings Stub, Please do! I hope Domstar doesn't mind his thread being hijacked for a moment... I have a friend that regularly bakes up a batch of blueberry scones! They are so good. I'm usually a green tea drinker. But I like dark teas with my Chai which is a great choice to take out stargazing certainly. I'm afraid I have to agree, the Earl Grey isn't for the people that don't like bitter. But lots of milk of course can solve that problem, and I've used Earl Grey in Chai and it's not so bad there. hi Littleguy, It is funny how much that little nagging doubt can
  9. Astronomical twilight ends 6:18pm Transparency: 4/5 to 3/5 (above average to average) Seeing: 3/5 (average) Location: Fort Collins, CO Elevation: 4997 ft. (1523 m.) Bortle 6 to 7 skies depending upon which direction you're looking. The Double Cluster is pretty clear tonight. I can see it in my binoculars as well. M31 is very clear, and in the Binoculars as well. I then try and catch M8 which is just barely above the building down the hill from me. The time is 5:40pm MST. M8 gives up it’s nebulosity only using the LP filter I use. Orion UltraBlock Narrowband LP
  10. Hi Domstar, I really enjoyed reading your report. It does seem a comedy some nights, chasing a clear spot in the sky, casting about for a recognizable patch of sky and looking for those glimpses of things like M57. I have on occasion had some amazing views on those evenings when the holes were perfectly transparent and the seeing was above average. I'm usually setting up in my backyard these days and that means LP but it means I can still do it too since I don't know how many more days we'll have that are nice enough to be out in it without, as you say, a building to get warm in
  11. Hi Darren, No need to apologize! Be my guest! Steal away! Happy to hear my post was useful to someone. Make sure you use a scissors. I stupidly used a hack saw for the first cut. Bad idea. Lots of dust. And if you have a plastic tool box large enough you could make less cuts (maybe none at all) if it had a hinged lid with latches and the lid was large enough to stuff with strategically altered packing. I like my case, and the only way I'll switch is if I find one for free or nearly free. It's just not enough of a pain to jam those pieces in there. The other night I ha
  12. Thanks Darren, It is a really nice case for next to no money.
  13. Thanks Paz! It is such a wonderful thing to look at the sky through this telescope. Very happy with the views! Someday I'll have an ultralight 16 inch dob, but this 8SE really is a great way to learn the sky.
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