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  1. On 12/5/2017 at 15:17, davew said:

    Hi Alyn,

    Good to have you here. I admire your nightscapes and YouTube videos mate. Excellent stuff and you're one of the few to make it sound as exciting as I find it .... sometimes  :)  By hook or by crook I'll get out to Anglesey on a clear night !

    Juan at Cheapastrophotography does have the 6D on his site but just in the for sale section - http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/Available-Cameras.html as far as I can see. Have you had a response from him yet ?

    I hope to see what you can do with the modded camera. 

    Good luck,


    Hi Dave,

    Thanks a lot, really appreciate your kind words too I'm glad you've enjoyed my stuff :)

    I did try Juan but sadly no response. I'll give him another go, maybe he missed it by accident. Hopefully I can get it modded before Orion hibernates again!

    Maybe I'll bump into you on Anglesey then :D

    And clear skies ;)

  2. On 12/5/2017 at 14:27, alan potts said:

    The Canon 6D is a very nice camera and I am not sure I would be willing to have this work done at all. My approach would be to buy another ready done, say a 50D or something like. I wouldn't do this to my 1DS mk2 and that is a good few year old now.


    Thanks Alan. As a landscape astrophotographer I need the full-frame goodness of the 6D (also to utilise the collection of lenses I now have) and its incredible low light performance. Something like a 50d won't cut it for the way I shoot. Having recently picked up an A7SII I'm keen to give my 6D some extra life.

  3. Hi guys,

    Bit of a lurker here but time for a first post as I've scoured every corner of the internet and cannot find the exact info I'm after.

    My style of shooting is more landscape astrophotography over deep space and I really want to be able to photograph Orion using a wide angle lens (eg. Samyang 24mm) on either a Canon 6D or a Sony A7SII and pick up the nebulosity.

    I have a tracking mount (Star Adventurer Mini) and am familiar with stacking images. I was wondering if a light pollution filter would help my cause here as I've read they can help boost nebulosity.

    Started to get my head in a twist with all the various filters and different types of nebulosity. I really don't want to modify either camera as I use them both for daytime landscape work too.

    The Samyang 24mm has a 77mm thread on the front, would something like a Hoya Red Intensifier be beneficial to my aims? Is there a better front threaded filter available for what I want? Or is a clip-in filter better?

    Any help much appreciated,

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