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  1. Hi All, sucessfully flashed my cam:hello2: thanks to all for the help,could anyone post a picture of a finished conversion before i attempt mine, Tia, Mike
  2. Hi All where can i download Wcrmac from? Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks everyone will give it a go,here`s hoping Regards Mike
  4. Hi Russ sorry to be such a thicky but where on the Morgans site is the inf file to be found:icon_scratch: just got my supply of webcams:hello2: and a nose from Fdos design :hello2:but am very aprehensive as i am a complete novice :confused:with computors, Regards Mike P.s. it also says on one of the webcams that you should install software? before connecting am i missing something? All and any advice accepted willingly.
  5. Hi O/T, way to go is a paralleogram works for me steady as a rock no hands:hello2: Regards Mike
  6. Hi W/O do their own base and stalk ,usual great finish and an £8.00 rdf finder off ebay is another option ,got my base and stalk from FLO, Regards Mike
  7. Hi Daz could i try the Lumicon deep sky filter is it 1.25 or 2"? i am there all week on pitch 214 Cheers Mike ps have got a spare rdf
  8. Hi Michael try giving Albert at astrosource a ring always helpfull,Astrosource (UK) - your dealer for new and used ultimate astronomical equipment Regards Mike
  9. I had weeks of excuses as to why he could not send a mount last year took me weeks to get cash back i`ve even seen same mount on ebay,hope you get a happy outcome,pm me if you need any more info. Regards Mike
  10. Hi All can anyone point me in the right direction for replacement eyecups for my Helios 20x90 bins as both have perished with use. Outside diameter is 45mm,any help welcomed Regards Mike
  11. Gary I`ve had a pair of Opticrons 16x80 for about 5 month`s, very classy performers, great finish and centre focus,hand holdable for short period`s love em,also got Quantum 20x90 very big! superb views good finish not as crisp a view as the Opti`s and i cannot get away with the individual focussing, that said a spacewalk on the cheap,you will need a substantial mount for these bin`s,i will not be parting with either pair anytime soon p.s recommend putting a red dot finder on these bin`s it just make`s locating an area so much quicker Regards Mike
  12. Hi All can anyone from experience suggest a good quality hotel in the vicinity of Kelling Heath,Cromer/Sheringham that would be suitable for me dear old dad, week commencing 6thSept,he wants to attend the starparty but does not do camping! Regards Mike
  13. I would go for a powder coating,much more durable and resistant to chips and knocks,also hides a multitude of defects. Regards Mike
  14. Already got my booking in! Something to look forward to in the New Year, the opening speaker Sir Arnold Wolfendale and Gary Fildes of Kielder Observatory are worth the entry fee alone. Regards Mike
  15. Michael just come on uk buy and sell televue finder bracket might be of use to you! Mike
  16. Hi Try Ken Dauzat he makes a huge range of mounting accessories,not badly priced. i use a s/w bracket my self reamed out to accept a stellarvue 50mm raci finder and have no issues with any flexing, hope this helps Mike
  17. Ive got 20x90 bino`s mounted on a 8115 but this is really just holding the weight and is not very stable or the head balanceable,go for something more robust, that said it fills a price niche! Hope this helps. Mike
  18. I would not touch the lens in any way but cell removal as a whole should be done with care!!!!! Why not contact Pete Gamby at Opticron in London Vixen`s Uk importer? I found him very helpful when i chipped a rear lens in my 80mm vixen and he contacted Vixen on my behalf Regards Mike
  19. Damian could you tell me where did your mate get the uprated bearings from? Regards Mike
  20. Congratulation`s on your expansion plans,here`s to many happy years of trading(get and use a good quality burglar alarm) you lead the way in customer service:hello2:keep up the good work and make plenty of time for yourselves! You`d better make it a big teapot:D Regards Mike
  21. I use an Antares 1.6x barlow 2" fitting with my Ethos 13,the quality of the barlow is very goood only downside is it`s not a compresion fit,i was recommended this barlow by loads of Obsession users in the states and am well pleased with the views, i`m sure there was a reason for this barlow over 2x but cannot remember what i`m sure you would not be dissapointed if you go with this recommendation.
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