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  1. Having dealt with Wayne you can be assured of superb service and sublime machining at all times,he`s one of the good guys,and im sure the wording is just an oversight and any problems would be rectifed to anyone`s satisfaction Regards Mike " a very happy customer "
  2. Hi All have checked things over all seems ok i will however take your advice as regards upgrading power lead and software,i have just ordered a connector to allow cable of handset to connect to me lappy,thanks everyone for the input Regards Mike P.s does anyone know if you can buy an uprated cable for the handset or is it a case of diy!
  3. Hi Kieran, i will check power supply but had thought it ok,it might be worth investing in a new power lead, Regards Mike
  4. Hi All, lastnight while using my mount all aligned and tracking well it suddenly showed on the handpad that it had reverted to show synscan version no and had stopped tracking--re-align and off i went again tracked ok-maybe 15mins then it did it again anyone got any idea on what to check? Regards Mike
  5. Dave sorry forgot to say price is about right Regards Mike
  6. Hi Dave i`ve got the 110FLT flurostar lens by tmb and i can confirm veiws are great only downside are the focuser`s which can be prone to slipping under weight,so give it a good workout before you buy as they can be a real pain,pity w/o other components are bomb proof! Regards Mike
  7. Hi All i have recently started having tension problems with my William Optics FLT110. I have adjusted the allen bolt with the focusser racked all the wayout as per the manual but last night the unit had to be tightened so much it was rendered unusable it racks out ok but will not return without a considerable helpng hand! Has anyone had a similar problem and how did they resolve the problem? Regards Mike
  8. Hi Pilkinn i would`nt class the w/o 110flt as a "small-ish "scope, by the time you get a diagonal a decent 2"lens and perhaps a 2"barlow,finder etc you have pushed the heq5 past its comfortable zone,you then have to be critical in all aspects of your setup balance et al,hope this helps Regards Mike
  9. John if you look back through the archieves on the site im sure you will get all your q`s answered,on the website if you post a question to Roger Greenwood you will get a very detailed reply the guy has done loads of mods to Obsession`s, he has lots of photos in the album section Regards Mike
  10. Hi John, check out the Obsession user`s website obsessionusers : Obsession Telescope Users Group full of lots of very helpful and informative advice i`m sure you will find a definative answer to your question i`ve a 15" Obsession and the bearings on it are 20.5" and it is as smooth as you like no hidden weight`s ! Regards Mike
  11. Hi Astro_ Baby "worm gears" thats the name of the bits i woefully described, i have a very limited skyview and sometimes sit at me patio door but my Vixen Portamount just protests at my w/o flt110`s weight be good if i could use my theheq5pro without the full set up,i will have a word with my local eng co got to be worth a tenner i could utilise my exisisting slomo`s with an extension a bit like a socket set reducer,food for thought anyway,thanks and Regards Mike
  12. Hi Ken ,just curious, plus less noise for the folks next door to winge about,that said the take off`s are there for a reason! Cheers Mike
  13. Hi All Probably a daft question but can you manually operate said mount in the absence of power? Have removed rubber gromets in each axis to reveal large one flat connectors to large for my Vixen slo-mo knobs,are flexi controls available or is this a diy jobbie? Regard Mike
  14. Am trying Jake have located one of three, other two when trying to open/move give rise to a windows error need to close etc,tech and me don`t go:icon_scratch: thanks for the info Cheers Mike
  15. Hi All, just a minor blip, i hope,i used SharpCap on the moon lastnight,had focus problems, not sure why i could not get sharp focus,but then cannot find where the recorded avi`s are to playback,how do i locate them on me lappy? Regards Mike
  16. Hi Robin just loaded on to my lappy running xp no problems , great bit of kit,and when the clouds clear i will try it out for real,thanks for all your hard work,Regards, Mike
  17. Hi Rob,forgot to mention,a way to go is with the Antares 1.6x 2" barlow ,it works great with the 13 and 31 lens in my Obsession giving 8mm and 19mm for a reasonable outlay,its very good quality only let down by no compression fitting, but it works very well with the Televue lense,again you can try out the combo in your scope let me know where on Kielder site you will be and if i make it i will look you up Regards Mike
  18. You need the w/o base and stalk, then any of the generic finders bolt straight on,try Flo for the bits you need to mount your finder,goodluck Mike
  19. Hi i use one of the £8 jobbies off fleabay on my w/o 110flt no problems Regards Mike
  20. Hi Rob nice report,if you are going to Galloway this year you are more than welcome to try my 31mm Nagler-between the Scottish showers! Might get to Kielder as well, Regards Mike
  21. Hi All ,can anyone tell me whats needed to connect webcam/wayne`s adaptor to a telephoto lens? Can you buy an adaptor or are these one off`s Regards Mike
  22. Take my advice and stay well clear you will be doing youself a favour.Poor quality all round, i speak from experience!!!!!Ring Flo and have a chat the staff will give good impartial advice,or try Orion Optics uk or Rothervalley Optics all genuine guys. Other dealers are also available Regards Mike
  23. Hi Wayne,exactly what im after! Got your adaptor by return of post, as usual an immaculate finish to your product, many thanks Regards Mike
  24. Hi Mark thanks for the link, exactly what i was after, i`m very ham fisted and just wanted to see adaptor in place before i try for myself, Regards Mike
  25. Hi All could someone please put up a photo of a finished mod of this webcam, Tia Mike
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