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  1. After fitting socket which is araldited as well as backnut you have to grind a large flat on top of socket body to get clearance and attach wire`s on top of circuitboard,a right fiddly job!
  2. Hi Robbie ,you have to have it with the feathertouch focuser,hooray for the taxman,wil you get it in your stocking though? Hope the family is keeping well,will watch with interest, worth asking them about any specials for Astrofest in Feb, Cheers Mike
  3. Hi Olly try here 20mW Green Laser Pen Pointer > Digital Daffodil had mine nearly 2 years going great very quick delivery and competative price Cheers Mike
  4. Hi All,does anyone know if the featured 7inch touchpad being offered by Morgan computers and running Google Android would run any apps for astronomy ? I`m thinking Starmap or a stellarium,just to save taking a lappy outside when i don`t have a smartphone,it seems a good balance between weight and expense. Link here.Cheap 7 inch Google Android tablet with touchscreen technology - 49679 - discounts & offers Cheers Mike
  5. Hi Tim, Robert Horne Group tel:01604 495333 are uk importers of kydex,supplied mine overnight very good firm to deal with, if i remember they had kydex in 4 different thicknesses and it is only supplied in 8x4 sheets,they are based in northampton with depots all over the country,hope this helps,used mine to make a light shroud for my obsession,very easy material to work, Mike
  6. Hello Dave Smith, problem solved!!!!!!!! What a fantastic easy and comprehensive program, everyone should try it it`s so fast wow i`m impressed. Eagleseye your right i should have checked my settings! All`s well thats end`s well,i`m a happy bunny:hello2: Cheers Mike
  7. Hello John, have downloaded suggested program and i thought, all the plugins, and in fact i can find required plugin on lappy and can indeed now preview images but, when trying to open image get message-- Can`t load plugins"FORMAT DLL`S" a help forum i came accross said it`s location should be moved up one level----do not understand---- so my problem for today is to try and get soloution,many thanks for the program suggestion it looks great. Still in need of a soloution, Cheers Mike
  8. Hi All have taken about twenty images in "Raw" problem is they will not open in Nero What can i do to get them to open,can view on camera but not on lappy any help accepted Cheers Mike
  9. Stuart, my Obsession is fitted as standard with a Feathertouch its the dog`s b------s, checkout the Obsession website i`m sure you`ll easily spend some cash,the quality in use shines thru, Cheers Mike
  10. Kev if it rains any more there`s a ferry service planned,water wings essential,will have kettle on, have a safe journey Mike
  11. Glad you can make it Rob -bring ya wellies its just started raining again! Site in good nick ,a good crowd in most of whom are in the pub tonight. Have got ethos with me so weather permitting you can have a go and see what you think as i did not get to Kielder,kettle on ,were in the first van again ,safe journey Mike
  12. Hi Kev your wish is---------- rain stopped 22.30 its now blowing for all its worth,skies finally nice and clear pity the gear wont stop still------5 meteors and counting,see ya friday Cheers Mike
  13. Well survived first night stormy weather:clouds2:, got some veiwing in at midnight ,and then was up at 5.30 to a brilliant sky,milky way was very prominent last night, it really is a fabulous dark sky site,will try and post pics later,try to make it if you can! Cheers Mike
  14. Sounds exciting.well done Steve and Mike ,just need to order the clear skies,and is the local well stocked! Looking forward to a great starcamp, Cheers Mike
  15. Thanks for the heads up John,and very competatively priced ,much better pricing than Obsession in the states, Cheers Mike
  16. Hi All has anyone got a m6x25mm knurled knob i can buy or can anyone point me in the right direction Cheers Mike
  17. Hi Steve was coming to that conclusion meself,just i had a right job downloading from skywatcher website Cheers Mike
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