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  1. Hi John try and get a look through a set you will enjoy the very wide views,20x90,22x100 ,25x100, will all give you a sense of being out there in space, bins tend to handle l/p quite well, then you can sell on your choice of bins having had more chance to check out a suitable scope ,also some bins are threaded for filters, give FLO a ring and they will talk you through the choices,good luck its fun choosing, Regards Mike
  2. Moonshane have already got them made 10p pipe clips from wickes,last photo shows one in situ, Cheers Mike
  3. Mick I Hope the photo shows scale the bins i had at Kelling were Helios 20x90`s,front to back 8x56 celestrons 15x70 revs 16x80 Opticrons Garrett 28x110,length is a shade under two foot long,def not grab and gomore manhandle and go,i should have kept up the weightlifting classes:hello2: i should make Kelling again health permitting your more than welcome to have a look see, Regards Mike
  4. Hi Moonshane, no tremor time, its a heavy bit of kit,although its only on eq6 legs i will get a meade field tripod when me bank acc`s recovered Cheers Mike
  5. Hi Mick ,yep the one and only still going strong,although i `ve had to put on 22kgs to balance new bins,it still is velvety smooth in operation,you keeping ok? Regards Mike
  6. The latest addition to my collection,and how bad is the cloud cover? 100%!
  7. Excellent report! Enjoyed to the point of wanting one, Cheers Mike
  8. Hi Brian,i have got a supply of 24v plug and sockets,Hella type, have just rewired my heq5pro mount with them and have had no problems at all,just need to do a rewire on the cooler box,there is a gap in the market for a reliable mid size power connecter,but these seem to be working out fine, Regards Mike
  9. Hi All here`s one i made last year,survived Kielder`s -11 deg`s last spring astro party,it`s a bit rough around the edges but works just fine 85amp batt, fused,and three power outlets,and a nice seat at the same time! Regards Mike
  10. £8.49 in lakeland Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware Regards Mike
  11. Thanks Olly and Michael,,usually i just go with the flow but there is a large price difference and as you have pointed out Olly specs are in the detail,emailed t/s but as yet no reply will call flo later today,but thanks again for both your input, Regards Mike
  12. Hi Michael thanks for reply was just wondering if i was missing something worth having for the extra outlay,i would still like a definitive answer if anyone can oblige, Regards Mike
  13. Anyone any ideas where i can check? Any suggestions appreciated Regards Mike
  14. Hi go with the rv water from aquatic suppliers i use it on my Obsession mirror with no ill effects and its very cheap to buy last lot was 40p per 5ltr Regards Mike
  15. Hi All and a Happy New Year,does anyone know if there is a difference in the Helios Apollo 28x110 bins Helios - Helios Apollo High Resolution and the Telescop Shop own brand Marine 28x110 binshttp://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2694_28-x-110-MARINE---Outdoor---Wide-Angle---Nitrogen.html:icon_scratch: there is a big difference in price any help appreciated, Regards Mike
  16. Hi i can also recomend Rapid PSU`s i have used this one for over a year ,no problem`s at all,Rapid Electronics - Electrical & Power > Power Supplies > Bench PSUs they often do specials at odd times well worth keeping a lookout on their site, Regards Mike
  17. Hi Guy`s Eastcoast rail`s done me proud £1 cheaper than last year only £8 oneway newcastle to london.YHA £25 a night, more cash for all the goodies! Last year even the weather was good,looking forward to another good show,only improvement would be a larger venue as it gets very congested at times.Here`s hoping for some good show special`s and even the odd freebie, Cheers Mike
  18. Hi Phil sorry not back to you quicker good ol bt! Glad it worked out ok.Got a bargain at the local market yesterday a manfrotto 161 tripod with a 116 video head for £25 its huge,one snapped bolt to get out of head,but otherwise good condition. Cheers Mike
  19. Can anyone provide me with the pin layout for the HEQ Pro5 rj45 plug/socket ,as i would like to make up a new cable. Cheers Mike
  20. Phil i have added a spring to the cable to help support weight,backnut has also got to have a section removed to be able to fit in case,will post more details if it will help you, Miike
  21. Hi Gaz,i can recommend the Antares x1.6 2" barlow it was recommended by loads of Obsession users to me ,it is a very good match for the ethos and is very well made only neg is it don`t have a compression fit,i have been well satisfied and you will save a packet! Regards Mike
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