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  1. Hello folks, another superb after 2 in the morning show,not as  good as last Sat night but very acceptable. The folks on site have missed another chance to see the magnificent display, instead they went  to their beds when it clouded out at about 1.30. around 4am it has cleared to show off the sky in all it`s glory.

    The night got off to s good start, but soon turned into a fix and have you got one of these spare?

    Back to bed for me.


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  2. Hi Jeff, if Bresser cannot supply a replacement, try and find a local engineering company to make a relacement part out of harder metal ,the original looks to be of  a soft metal and you risk having to replace it again.

    Perhaps there is a local model club local to you, a member may well be able to make it for you,worth a try, anyway best of luck,



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