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  1. Yeah that would definitely make sense, but I'm sure whatever it was hardly moved, if at all, so maybe a geostationary one doing something like a laser could explain it. That being said, it would then be pretty regular/common in the exact same position?
  2. Really like that idea, that could well explain it, it looked very intentional and very well timed.
  3. I've seen plenty of satellites and flares from them, this was definitely a static flash, on/off, not a gradual build-up. Would love to find a video if someone was filming the Persieds, since I know the exact time and location. :-/
  4. If it was one coming straight at me that would nearly make sense not sure that ever happens tho? But it was 3 flashes, all the same duration, all ~5 seconds apart, and didn't really move between flashes. This has really got me stumped. Off to Jodrell Bank on Thursday, gonna try and find me an expert...
  5. Closer, but it was very nearly directly overhead. There was also absolutely no lights after those 3, usually planes have greens and reds, etc. There were no flashed before it either. Does anyone know of a good place to find a video of that night (since it was the Persieds), I tried YouTube but no luck.
  6. Thanks Dave, that's a start. I've not seen a satellite "flash" like that tho, and whatever it was, it didn't seem move between flashes.
  7. Hi All, Last night I was out with the wife watching the Persieds shower in the UK, North of England. Clear skies, moon tucked behind the tree-line, couldn't be better really. Saw plenty of meteors. Saw plenty of satellites. Saw a few planes. Then at around 01:20 - 01:25 BST, very close to 0-And of the Andromeda constellation... I saw 3 separate white flashes. About twice as bright as 0-And. The flashes were about 5 seconds apart, and lasted maybe 200ms each. The source didn't appear to move between flashes, but with such a delay between them it was hard to be 100% sure. After the 3 flashes, nothing. It was definitely not a plane, and it wasn't as-if it went behind the clouds. The only thing I can possibly think of would be a spinning satellite, but I've been stargazing for 30 years, and never seen anything like it. I would love to find a high-def video of last night if anyone knows of a good source? Thanks, Rob
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