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  1. Thanks all for feedback. Very happy with cameras initial run. The image was not cropped apart from a slight sharp edge to the right caused by a misaligned frame. Yes the outer loop was clipped a bit when I tried to remove some vignetting. Flats should help. Thanks.
  2. After issues with goto accuracy, and clouds , I finally got to test my Atik 314L last night. Took 1 x 600sec L, 4 x 300 sec L, 4 x 300 sec R, 3 x 300 sec G, B No Darks, No Flats , No bias. I can tell that the cooling (35 Deg below ambient) makes this camera easier to use in terms of noise and processing. Next time I will put it through its paces and up the sub time and do full calibration. EQ6 8" Newt Atik 314L guided Comments welcomed
  3. Great! tight stars, good detail, and good framing. BTW I just purchased the Atik 314L+ too!
  4. Wow! 2o min subs on a 12inch! GReat work! looks good.
  5. very smooth! loads of detail! Great FOV and Framing.. nice work
  6. Nice shot. It highlights obscure areas within the region. Great work
  7. great stuff. Great camera (mines on order!)
  8. nice one. I ahve an Atik 314L on order!
  9. Thanks CardConvict - have been reading up using different techniques and plug ins! Never ending learning curve!
  10. Nice shot. Good colour, detail, framing. shame about the Newt as I think they rock! I never have any issues with mine and I also use an MPCC. Anyway good work!
  11. Thanks all for the comments. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of detail the old Canon 350D was able to pull out!
  12. Thanks Glennbech, I use a Hutech Light Pollution Filter! It is a very efficient filter cutting out skyglow.
  13. Here is a less "blue" version Link to high res with stars rounded : http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/coolhandjo/Eagle-DSS-final-stars-large.jpg
  14. Hi, I was glad that the moon rose reasonably late the other night so I could image the Eagle Nebula before it came up over the horison enough to wash out the image. Taken with 8inch newt, Canon 350d modded, guided, 8 x 10min at ISO400. Post processing PS CS2. calibrated. Thanks for viewing high Res here http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/coolhandjo/Eagle-DSS-final.jpg
  15. Thanks guys - yes the rig is producing this consistantly so far - appreciate the comments.
  16. nice! is the camera modded? Wonderful crisp image
  17. Michael, I used ISO 400. Maybe could of used ISO 800. I might try that next.
  18. I found this target difficult to image. I took 10 x 10 min frames and applied darks / flats 8 inch newt Canon 350D modded. I was expecting more nebulosity and a sharper image. Comments welcomed. Thanks for viewing Higher res version here: http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/coolhandjo/swan-aip4win.jpg
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