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  1. Wow! One of the best triplet I have seen!
  2. Thanks Andy - I think you will find that the Atik 314L+ will not let you down! Its a super sensative, low noise camera that - when cooled below say -5degc, will produce fine images!
  3. Looking good. Love the FOV the f4 newt gives! Nice one.
  4. Thanks Tadkun, and sourthernman my antipidean counterpart!
  5. Thanks Southernman and Matt. I imaged this from Sydney Australia. I noticed the red wasn't present enough so I increased the red channel
  6. This is the first time I have imaged Eta Carina in Narrow Band. The sky was at its best last night. Sii:Ha:Oiii Hubble Pallete 40min:40min:40min Atik 314L at -10deg, 8 inch Newt. HEQ6 I am amazed at how much detail the narrow band type imaging can give you over LRGB. Comments welcomed.
  7. Still imaging the helmet! This time at a great star party at SPSS 2011 in Wiruna Australia! On and off weather but at least managed to grab some data (through the clouds at times!). Good to meet and catch up again with friends. This is LRGBHaOIII blended. Each Channel is 5 min x 5 (total 150 min). Taken with EQ5 6 inch Newt Atik 314L
  8. Hi all - thought I would image the Helmet for the first time! This is 2 hours Ha,Oiii,Sii 40:40:40 x 10 min each. The conditions were perfect and the clouds stayed off so I was very happy with the weather last night! I will possibly add some LRGB if conditions stay good. Comments Welcomed Scope 8 inch Newtonian Camera Atik 314L+ at -7.5deg (No flats, darks or bias taken) Mount EQ6 Pro
  9. Great dust in the surrounding nebula! Top shot.
  10. Excellent. Nice colous and sharp focus.
  11. Very nice indeed! The small chip depth of the QSI 583wsg suited the fast FL perfectly! Not under nor over sampled! The blends of colours are perfect. The focus spot on and the framing perfect! Well done indeed.
  12. Great capture! Great camera! Well done.
  13. It reached 40 deg C! Now back to 20 Deg C! Felt ok becuase the humidity was low. Side note: I inspected my Light frames for the iamge and noticed they were all clipped! Not sure why they would be clipped unprocessed? Any thoughts?
  14. Thanks for the comments - Yes I would of liked it to be cooler as there is still some noise in the image. Also, the reflection from ALnitak prevented me from stretching the RGB which gave the stars a bit of a washed out look. But I am still OK with the result.
  15. This is the closest I have gotten to the Horsehead in terms of FOV. Taken over two nights HALRGB 60,60,40,40,40 Atik 314L 8inch Newt. It was over 35 deg c both nights and the CCD cooler was running at average -3 deg C. Had some reflection from nearby Alnitak to contend with but luckiley it averaged out (Refletion came all the way to the Horse!). Comments welcomed.
  16. One of the best wide fields I have seen of this Area! Well done!
  17. Absolutely awesome. You have processed the NB colours perfectly! The FOV is possibly the best area for the dust! Inspiring stuff!
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